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if you don't implement it, it will get implemented by someone else anyway and you're putting your job at risk

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It looks dangerously close due to the camera lens.

In reality it wasn't.

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My pet peeve is when it updates and instead of letting me go on my way, it opens the stupid "Firefox has updated" tab.

Nobody asked, just duck off, shut up.

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I managed to plug the 4pin CPU_POWER cable into two corresponding ports. As in 2 pins from one port and two from the other, since they make up an 8pin port.

Surprisingly it was working but crashing randomly every half an hour.

These ports are shaped so that this is impossible, but I managed to do it anyway.

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Then it should be lawful to manually get the protesters off of the road.

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both fixed things many times

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As a ""power user"" of software, 98% of software sucks. There's always shit that makes you go "have they even tried using this?" or "did they test this at all?"

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weird way to say "reposting"

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it's not a problem in CS at least, just look where he is on the minimap

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I see the opposite. There's a lot of people that don't even tell their parents where they live, or that they have a partner etc.

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No, you can't.

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Does it really work this way? I saw an engineer on Twitter say that they must've been far over the limit for the plank to wear so much.

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