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From a communist lens, the money to give the CEO a raise is the value of labor that workers provided, taken by the CEO instead of shared among the workers who provided it.

So (from that lens) the money going to the CEO is being stolen from the workers, the money is the car in the analogy. But the headline is framing the situation as "X got this thing worth a lot" without considering where the value came from.

Workers whose labor value have been stolen are like a person whose car was stolen, waking up to a positively-framed article about someone else receiving the stolen goods.

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I don't like Trump politically but I'm just not into this schadenfreude journalism. "This guy had an upsetting experience in court...ISNT THAT COOL?"

No, it's a criminal trial. The point isn't to get the defendant to feel bad, it is to have justice served, whichever way that goes.

If I could make the trade where Trump has his best most successful and happy life, but it's 100% outside politics, I'd happily do it instantly. I don't want him to suffer, I want him to fail in his political goals.

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I hate how the human body clearly atrophies with disuse. I'm working hard now and saving for retirement, early retirement, but if I achieve my goal of a slow relaxed retirement with no stress... I'm more likely to experience cognitive decline and die early.

But if I shouldn't be trying to retire early, should I be working until I die? That kind of sucks too.

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Because it was a SPAC I think the stuff before this year is essentially unrelated.

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I always feel obligated to reword so it doesn't seem like I'm reading off the slide. But then people are reading the slide and listening at the same time and I'm not sure it's better.

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I think bad reviews can kill companies. If they are objective and honest, the review is not the core issue, the bad product is the issue.

But it is possible to have biased reviews, or dishonestly framed reviews. MKBHD is honest and objective, but you can't take for granted that every reviewer is.

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So, deliberately ramp up inflation.

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It's a really bad analogy. The only similarity would be losing to Trump. So just say that.

Hillary's problem was with late deciders because of a scandal, Moore is saying Biden's problem would be with people deciding based on official actions and policy choices. They're closer to opposites than analogous.

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I believe that Satan has a hold of you.

I believe that the Lord God has sent me here.

And I believe that in 1978 God changed his mind about black people.

-"I Believe" from The Book of Mormon (the musical)

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I'm apparently the only person who didn't like Conan on Hot Ones. Felt so forced to me. Conan is so good at the long form interviews and conversations and he doesn't need prepared bits, I wanted a deep and delving conversation. Wonder if Conan was insecure about being on the receiving end of questions for once.

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Or Dutch with less silly spelling.

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