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You've obviously not seen the joker movie ha e you?

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I don't think I would have noticed the differences honestly if it weren't a side by side comparison. I do think sometimes the original looks better. Just depends on the shot, the upgrade models look better sometimes, and othertimes not. One thing I did find a little odd is they changed the shape of Tidus' face in the HD remaster.

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When i was young, I never thought in a million years we'd choose profits over a habitable planet. I thought surely people would realize that they'll suffer to.

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I'm glad they do, a lot of the missions I work around have been flying for 20 years when their original mission duration was supposed to be 5 years. The science they do is fantastic.

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I like the smart lights idea. If I owned my house I'd see about doing that.

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That fly by of Jupiter was the original purpose of the mission.

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Looks AI generated. Probably another propaganda piece some foreign government is trying use to further divide us (as if we needed any help)

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Over here in the states we're trying to make it harder to access these thing. Makes sense I guess if you have your head screwed on backwards.

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This legitimately made me sad when I heard they might lose this satellite. It's the farthest humans have ever sent anything beyond Earth, and it might always be the case. The science data coming back from this is invaluable.

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I guess you subscribe to the theory that if you aren't doing anything wrong, you have nothing to hide? Better hope you have the right state sanctioned religion when a right wing government takes over some day.

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Did you read the article? The research states that based on their findings the astronauts would need dialysis on the way back. How would mars gravity help with that if the damage is already done to the kidney when you get there?

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The ICU.

How do you cook a pig? (self.dadjokes)
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You bacon it in the oven!

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It's no secret that people with adhd often have sleep issues. I certainly do. I'm curious what bedtime routine helps others sleep. My partner likes to read a boring book before bed, but I struggle to read books unless they are engaging. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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This is my entry to The Dusty Old Game Jam. It's the first real boss fight I've ever made, and I think it's coming along nicely.

This is just the first encounter with the boss. Subsequent encounters start the fight immediately. Also got a cool jump attack, and several variety of regular attacks working since I recorded this the other day.

P.s. sorry if the quality is bad. I used OBS to record this, welcome to any suggestions of something else that will get me higher quality video.

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Made a mushroom cave for the tutorial area in my game. I'm excited to show this to people. Looks super awesome! Almost ready to start adding more enemies into the game.

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This is my entry to the Dusty Old Game Jam on itch. Some early progress of the tutorial area in the game.

Think I made the cave about twice as large as it needs to be

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Akira Toriyama was such an influential figure in my life growing up. It was sad waking up today to the news of his death. He will be missed.

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I'm doing this in Unreal Engine 5, but how this is done should be relevant for any engine, minus the details of spawning and despawning.

Anybody know how large games handle spawning and despawning enemies? One idea I had was to have a really large sphere around the player that spawns enemies when the player overlaps spawn points. But that could get tricky to implement. Another idea I had was to spawn enemies as the player enters different areas, and just put them to sleep/deactivate them until the overlap a large player sphere.

Would love to know other people's thoughts on this. I'm looking for something that has good performance and scalability. I'm going to start testing ideas soon. But would be great if someone already knew of a solution that works.

Edit: Why downvote? I'm asking for discussion on algorithms. Is that not the point of this community...

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