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A few years ago I would have agreed with this statement. But lately, I've seen a change described in several press articles and news pieces. The younger generations in the US demand true social justice and aren't afraid to say they're socialists, against capitalism or consumerism. It's a burgeoning revolution of course, since the establishment is still in control of traditional political parties. But this crack in the old broken system could bring about positive change in the long run. At least I hope so.

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I'm torn between Battlestar: Galactica and Dark. The first one is definitely my favourite space opera of all time. But the mind-blowingly intricate plot of Dark makes it the one of the best mysteries ever told I'd say.

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This post might just be taking the piss at those trying to defend landlords. Or its a genuine effort to take their side, I'm not sure. Anyway, criticism of landlords was bound to bring people to defend them and/or criticise renters in response. Don't fret too much, many of us also despise the accumulation of weath through acquiring real estate.

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Yeah I don't get the whole "replace meat with a vegan steak" idea. Just prepare a delicious Dahl, the recipe of which has been around for hundreds of years!

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Delivery guy here! Don't forget that the driver only gets $5 out of those $30. So fuck uber. And I take my bike when I want to eat, obviously.

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They shouldn't have put religion into this bill. In France, filming Quran burnings would be illegal in regards so the "incite hate law". I hope so at least! It's better to word it this way, so you can condemn provocation like holy book burnings, but keep caricature out of it.

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Number one show I wish wasn't cancelled was Firefly, definitely. And more recently, 1899.

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In its natural gaseous state, oxygen is generally found in pairs, hence O2. I guess when you saw "pure oxygen", this meant gaseous oxygen without any other gas normally found in the atmosphere. So no nitrogen, or carbon dioxide, just oxygen. In the form of O2 of course!

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I'm French, it's absolutely true. Some TV presenters now avoid the misunderstanding by pronouncing GPT the English way. The giggles must have become annoying I guess...

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In a way it's understandable, people who are drawn to this community might be quite vulnerable to mention of suicide. Then again, some of them may need a space to discuss their suicidal thoughts. There's no easy answer to this problem. Blurr suicide related posts in feeds maybe? Not ideal still.

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Works as well with "Kids these days..."

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Now we just have to keep this culture of respect, even if the platform gains popularity. Buckle up!

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