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Agreed, ableism.

"Class Bully" would have been a better choice, since this is clearly fiction anyway. School classrooms don't have fabric softener. So they'd have to bring it, with malicious intent, ergo bully. And probably smart enough to hide it from the teacher.

Afaik, "bullyism," if it even exists, is laudable.

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This is when you wear that WORLD'S BEST DAD T-shirt you got for Father's Day. If you don't have one, go to your daughter right now with a blank tee and some fabric paint, and don't forget to help her hotglue some sequins and jewels!

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The US had Trump for 4 years and are threatening to do it again, so we don't have a finger to point.

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This is why I toss only naked sunflower seeds on my bird-baiting balcony. The cat gets the same entertainment and it's a lot less cleanup on my part.

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Unless the someone is mouse-sized or smaller, or is allergic to/afraid of cats. Or is carrying tuna.

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The key to Gomez energy is his sincerity. You might not be able to draw a Morticia (because she's probably already got a Gomez) but a Fester with sincerity who aims with his heart rather than his eyes/dick has a good chance of finding true love.

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Pretty sure the only guns Eve carried were her own biceps but she'd make use of anything available. Flynn and Jenkins have both wielded Excalibur. Ezekiel would rather use evasion but has been known to steal a weapon. Mild-mannered historian Jacob knows how to use weapons of any age and besides we all know him from Leverage. Cassandra has non-weapon skills but she's been known to bonk a baddie on the back of the noggin.

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Lapis Lazuli was traded along the Silk Road, and Homer would have called it Sapphirus. A stormy sea isn't blue because it's not reflecting a blue sky, and it may have roiled-up sand and kelp.

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Tajín makes watermelon so much more refreshing!

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Maybe 2, an heir and a spare like a royal family

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I've always felt that unselfish wishes are more likely to get a pass from the monkey's paw.

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Think of the savings! One gift, anniversary and Valentine's Day is covered. And the whole corporate world reminds you. Just be sure the wedding flowers are NOT red roses.

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My muscle memory is having a stupidly hard time shifting from Reddit to Lemmy, so I keep typing out comments I've put careful thought into, and at the last minute hitting the Cancel button!

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Ever since LemmyWorld went down in the hacking, I haven't been able to log in using the account I created there. I do the login thing, and the little pop-up says "Logged In" but I'm not. I can't see my Subscribed feed, I can't comment or post. And I couldn't ask this question! I also couldn't start fresh because I only have one email, and it knew that. So I came over to shitjustworks which graciously allowed me to create this profile without an email address. I guess it's okay, I can work on resubscribing to stuff under this name, neither one is my old Reddit name anyway, but I would prefer going back to my other account or at least knowing what happened...? In case it happens again?

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