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Emojis are standardized exactly the same way as text is, both are defined by the unicode standard. They might not be rendered uniformly, the same way that text rendering depends on the font.

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Try Rossmann or dm rather than a grocery store. Not going to be at the cash register either though, they usually have an aisle for these household goods.

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People viewing Nazis as the lesser evil and willing to enable them are only moderately less worse than proper nazis and no less dangerous.

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According to current polls, more than 20% are willing to vote for an openly xenophobic, extreme right party of nazi-sympathizers, science deniers and reactionaries. They want to deny basic rights of queers and people with disabilities and call for ceasing to support Ukraine and dropping Russian sanctions. The currently strongest polling party, the center-right CDU, had for a long time been fundamentally opposed to working with the far right, but are now getting more cosy with them, seemingly testing the waters on local and state levels.

So yeah, unless that somehow sounds like a good direction for Germany to move in, "left-leaning" would unfortunately be an optimistic misjudgement of the current state of affairs.

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The chancellor's party is center-left in the typical European social democrat way, he himself is more of a moderate. But the current coalition polls at around 40%, so calling Germany very left-leaning is a very optimistic statement.

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That fact is no fun at all :(

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Ich weiss ja nicht welche Apple Geräte ihr so habt, aber da gibt's doch schon lange einen wilden Mix aus Lightning und USB C. Das aktuelle iPad lädt selbst an USB C, sein Stift aber an Lightning. Ein Lightning-only Haushalt hätte ohnehin keine Zukunft mehr gehabt.

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If he gave a standard appeasing PR statement without following it up at all, that would somehow be preferable? This may be snarky, but at least you know what to expect.

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If I learned anything from Mad Max, then that pumping out carbon dioxide is going to ge one of the favorite pastimes in a postapocalyptic future

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There doesn't seem to be any data that they based this conclusion on, but I certainly find it somewhat plausible. High turnover and a disconnect between employer and employee may drive the lack of reporting and enforcement you point out. It may also reduce the perceived risk, like your colleagues finding out you are a creep, or being fired.

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Aber nichts an dem Shirt bezieht sich auf ein spezifisches Geschlecht. Das kann jeder Mensch jeden Geschlechts und jeder sexuellen Orientierung tragen und es ist tatsächlich immer gleich kringelig.

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That's just the US version, everywhere else (I believe) has the one you see in the top picture here.

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