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I feel the same way when I think about how when ever you get a whole bunch bunch of stuff together in one spot, it frickin warps time and space and that's why I'm standing and not floating.

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Yes! This is it, so let's all work together to make it a good one for each other.

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A much much larger proportion of users are computer illiterate, especially federal employees. On top of that, the vast majority of basic software applications used are the Microsoft suite of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. How do you

  1. Retrain an aging workforce to use a new OS.
  2. Retrain to use new software suite for email, docs, etc.
  3. Or rebuild existing software to run on Linux
  4. ...there's more but I'm short on time...

The ENTIRE US govt runs on Microsoft. That's a very big pie to rebake. Where do you even begin. I do agree with you, it just feels unsurmountable.

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It was an aside joke, you Muppet. Dumping the potential deaths of millions on a random commenter trying to be facetious so you feel publicly superior is psychotic. Or am I also misunderstanding your intention and publicly displaying my superior observation for clout. It's ingratiating to be told what your intentions are what you should or should not do. Infuriating to be lectured to about what is right and wrong. We are not arbiters of online moral behavior. How about we both try to not be jerks to people we've never met from now on. Oh wait, I just was. Talking to each other this way doesn't feel good.

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Thank you for the fact check

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I can't think of a fictional character that has this, but the ability to know, and convey the answer to ANY question.

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I've entertained the idea of traveling around to grift the grifters, but selling trump swag back to trumpers sounded too easy to be legal.

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What a beautiful list, thank you. Oh look who made the list!

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Rich people, and politicians, don't go to jail in America.


The team hopes that this might become a powerful tool that paves the way for new quantum communication protocols that use topology as an alphabet for quantum information processing across entanglement-based channels.

The findings reported in the article are crucial because researchers have grappled for decades with developing techniques to preserve entangled states. The fact that topology remains intact even as entanglement decays suggests a potentially new encoding mechanism that utilizes entanglement, even in scenarios with minimal entanglement where traditional encoding protocols would fail.

Edit: Here is the quoted article link.

And here's is the published paper.

Edit: someone below linked to this so you don't have to pay for knowledge

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