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Not sure if this counts as "droves" but a lot of repubs were illegally voting in the name of their dead relatives

Another GOP voter admits he committed fraud, gets light sentence -

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Fascism works because it convinces the most average unremarkable person that they are more worthy as long as they follow a chain of command

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RCV: where you create a tier list of all available candidates

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But when I was a kid I loved urban dictionary. I learned so many words that I might not have. And I enjoyed memes much earlier than I would have.

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The real numbers are the main bypass, the imaginaries are the orbitals which interchange with the positive and negative reals

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The concept of different parties working together confuses the modern American

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More likely they were way ahead of that by setting the draw distance as the speed of light.

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People think that the Brexit Referendum was when the UK timeline split, but imo it split when the Alternative Vote referendum failed back in 2011.

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Japan goes crazy with abbreviated words. E.g. JK for Joshi Kousei (high school girl).

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People have been describing wine as dry for ages

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