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There are more parties who defend internet privacy then just the pirate party. Won't matter much tho with the current rightwing majority.

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He was a disappointment since the beginning. Cum ex scandal cancelor

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Desktop for work gaming, Laptop to watch movies in bed or work game while traveling long timeframes. Phone always somewhere close by, but only for reading, music staying in touch etc.

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I am 1st time linux user I wanted to install mint from usb. At first it worked then when i tried to install it, I could not because of bitlocker. I then rebooted but windows already activated bitlocker, and afterwards any usb boot would show the exact same error message you have. I ultimately had to wipe my encrypted partition of win and installed Ubuntu instead. I am happy for now, learning to use linux with Ubuntu and maybe try mint or arch when more advanced. Maybe that helps you in some way best of luck.

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finally the waste of energy stopped for these idiots

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In fact we have to pay the neighboring countries to take the excess power in order to lighten the load on the grid. Switzerland and Austria will then use the power to pump up water to store the energy.

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In fact we have to pay the neighboring countries to take the excess power in order to lighten the load on the grid. Switzerland and Austria will then use the power to pump up water to store the energy.

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Oat milk is actually the most environmentally friendly milk. Takes the least amount of co2 and water to produce.

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This is not very accurate, at least one of the dems would either argue with the republican and none voters, about it being their fault, or drill a bigger hole.

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So its either presured into suicide by lawsuit from Boeing or murdered and made to look like suicide. Either way its fucked up.

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When I looked at the different political systems currently in place around the world. I noticed one core issue. Power corrupts people, be it democratic elected, rich or authoritarian there is always an incentive to abuse said power for personal gain. It also attracts people who strive for power, who usually experienced a lack of control in life and are unsatisfied.

In an ideal world politicians should work for the good of the people, but that seems impossible in current systems.

So how do you build a system that doesn't insitivise using political power for personal gain. I think it is a rather tricky question.

Some of the ideas I had feel free to discuss:

  • Strictly limit the legislative period without exception. (minimizing the time exposed to power and possibility to using it for personal gain)
  • A politicians elected get permanently limited in their private posetions, in exchange for the opportunity to change policy. (you need to give away personal benefits in order to gain power)
  • Punishment for thresholds of personal gains. In our capitalist society for example, I cannot imagine any billionaire, who did not exploit and therefore use violence against other people in order to reach these riches. I think it is fair to assume, that no one can reach this amount of wealth, without any moral wrong doing. It therefore could be classified as a crime and procecuted as such.

Any criticism and ideas are welcome. I'm no expert, so excuse me if I got something wrong. These are just ideas.

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I had this idea for an open source app like Spotify or YouTube, where everyone can join and add content to it. Consumers pay either by donation, subscription or ads to keep the server and development running (non profit) and increase the content creator pool of money.

Every click or view gives the artist a % of that money pool. But they get alot more when they still have little amounts of views and more if they are loyal to the platform. The more they get, they ll reach a point where they have enough money to support themselves by making music or videos.

After this point you get more or less exponatially less money per view, but in return they fund all the other starting artists with their success, while still having a solid but slower growing income source. Making monetary success a more community driven goal.

Just an idea any critique/addition is appreciated.

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I have a trick at my work as a developer to gain hyperfocus on difficult tasks, with 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Prime your brain Search for content on the internet like youtube videos, Tutorials, articles etc. anything that is somewhat related to the task and interesting to watch and even enjoyable. Your mind needs to latch onto it. Keep doing this and procrastinate until...

Step 2. Take the insipirational exit At some point your minds interested will peak and your mind wonders how to solve this yourself. Its going to itchband you will not be able to sit still. Take the inspirational exit and jump straight into your project.

Step 3. Its focus time! You mind is now filled with ideas and you jump into work. You start with the easiest thing and your mind will keep pushing you to finish all those great ideas it got from watching/reading all that content. Go from easy to hard to stay in the flow state, but this will mostly solve itself.

If everything works out, time will fly and you will have completed the task using your hyper focus. If not repeat Step 1.

This method works best with programming or digital art, but can also be applied to anything else.

Hope that helps some of you.


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