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Is there a reason fish would orient the map that way?

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Because I am not sure if I want a 3rd party "controlling" my trafic. It sucks that my behavior is shared around in ad networks but I am not sure if the ad blocking components are more trustworthy. There are certainly good solutions out there but I am sceptic of the explosion of new ad blocking tools. Having said that, I never did a deep research to check if my scepticism is justified..

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Note that since recently some cheaper providers (especially UPC and its sub brands) have switched to CGNAT, which does not support port fowarding as your modem does not get its own IP assigned. I have been always happy with iWay, Init7 and Green.ch. they are only slightly more expensive (except Init7) but their service is awesome and super nerdy :)

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Are there any Home Assistant users that track energy consumption in Switzerland? Most vendors recommended by the HA community do not provide Swiss plugs. Has anyone successfully integrated smart plugs or other energy devices with the Swiss plug?

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As a non-Anerican I read that Florida is being awful to a lot of people and I wonder, if people there notice a difference in rural or urban areas? Do people start to migrate to other states? Does it have an impact on the state and its economy? Or are these just impotent talking points designed to engage voters but with no effect on public life? Would love to hear from residents how to relativize all those horrible headlines..

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Update 1: I have no idea what I am doing but I mentioned that the new legal basis of "legitimate interest" is not acceptable to me since it is not transparent or understandable what those interests are (DSGVO 5 and 12). Hence I am requesting to be excluded from automated processing and profiling (DSGVO 22). Not sure if that holds up but at least I gave it a try :)

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Today I got a notification from WhatsApp about the new Privacy Policy. for the European Region.

In that notification it mentions:

When we rely on legitimate interests, you have a right to object to our use of your information. You can do this here. You can also find out more information on how to exercise your rights.

For the fun of it, I filled out the form to object. Now I received a Mail asking for:

  • Against which type of data processing are you objecting?
  • How does this data processing affect you?
  • Add more information which should be considered in this request

People with experience with data privacy, what basis and argumentation can I add here to support my request?

P.S.: I have no confidence that this will prevent WhatsApp to spy on me and I know I need to get rid of it. I am objecting because I feel people should do and if nothing else, then just to keep the WhatsApp Lawyer busy.

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A point made by Morten Rand-Hendriksen: We software engineers are not real engineers. Unlike other kind of engineers, we do not have to follow industry code of conudct like meachincal engineers or civil engineers. We are just a bunch dudes that learned to use tensorflow on stackoverflow. That is why our work is dangerous and we can always just "be told" what to do for money.

Airplanes could not be built like that. Calling ourselfs "engineers" is misleading as it suggest we follow some ethics or code of conduct. It will hurt us on the long run.

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This contradicts somehow the use case of a federated network, but there would also be major benefits from something like this.

I am not sure how to feel about this. On the other hand it would mean that a node in the network cannot "outgrow" its own "moderation power". But this would make the nodes vulnerable to a terrible form of attack or it would force the node to implement more rigorous sing-up procedures. All of these scenarios could end up pretty distopian!

I believe if users are empowered to participate in combating the problem, almost all users would. The question is, how can the nodes harvest this? What can ordinary users do to help?

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Thank you OP for linking the original paper!

I have seen it cited and re-cited by the usual outlets such as WaPo and The Verge. I feel they sensentionalize too much and very little info is available on the magnitude of this problem even on centralized platforms. I have a hard time believing that paid "content scanners" are an effective solution. And hopefully not the best solution the internet can come up with...

Very grim topic but I appreciate the community talks early about it! I find it frustrating that major news outlets focus on sensentionalism rather than platforming a productive discussion..


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