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the government in its current form would have that flaw in the content distribution system, yes, but his main idea is that it would be like open-source ran in the sense of "government of the people"

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if I read a book no one sues my brain for consumption

yes, this is the fundamental point

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this brings up the question: what is a book? what is art? if an "AI" can now churn out the next harry potter sequel and people literally can't tell that it's not written by JK Rowling, then what does that mean for what people value in stories? what is a story? is this a sign that we humans should figure something new out, instead of reacting according to an outdated protocol?

yes, authors made money in the past before AI. now that we have AI and most people can get satisfied by a book written by AI, what will differentiate human authors from AI? will it become a niche thing, where some people can tell the difference and they prefer human authors? or will there be some small number of exceptional authors who can produce something that is obviously different from AI?

i see this as an opportunity for artists to compete with AI, rather than say "hey! no fair! he can think and write faster than me!"

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yes, but that's a different situation. with the LLM, the issue is that the text from copyrighted books are influencing the way it speaks. this is the same with humans.

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are we no longer allowed to borrow books from friends?

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this is so fucking stupid though. almost everyone reads books and/or watches movies, and their speech is developed from that. the way we speak is modeled after characters and dialogue in books. the way we think is often from books. do we track down what percentage of each sentence comes from what book every time we think or talk?

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irrelevant to the scene of interest. but you really should watch the full episode if you haven't. the ones with eric w are always amazing.

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pretty hilarious

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again, this why i claim that lemmy is not the solution to the problem we are trying to solve.

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very interesting point

Discussion of llama source code (self.machinelearning)
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where can i go to learn about and discuss facebook's llama 2 source code? there aren't many comments in the code.

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this is what i'm frustrated with. why do all these engineers let themselves be told what to do even if it makes a worse-functioning tool? that's not real engineering.

"because they'll get fired"

not if enough of them do the thing that should've been what got them interested in engineering in the first place.

maybe we shouldn't call them engineers, but something else relating to being the one who does the dirty work for institutions that aim to steal people's attention and decrease their quality of life.

and if they do get fired, then they should join together and make the reasonable company that makes good tools for human use.

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ok, you make good points, but i feel like the algorithm could work to not have the system grind to a halt. i'd have to look at other examples where this has been done. but maybe i am overly-optimistic and it's not possible.

who would pay for those nodes you are querying

the people who are already running nodes, like lemmy.world, lemmy.ml, me, etc. i run some services on my home server that i let anyone use, because i have the hardware and the bandwidth to be able to afford it. there are enough people who have the necessary hardware and bandwidth to contribute to it at minimal detriment to them. it's already an open-source project where people volunteer their time to code it.

i'll read up on oxen network.

in an anonymous way

wait who said anything about anonymous? what are talking about being anonymous? there would still be user accounts.

if I don’t want to aggregate all the posts in the world by myself (as you are suggesting), then I’ll have to fine someone to do it for me

this is already what is done, except that the data is not stored in a replicated and distributed manor. you get all the posts in the world of a community of an instance. it is one server, with all the data stored on its harddrive, like a traditional website. in what i'm proposing, this is also what would happen in many cases, because the thing wouldn't requery the entire network every time you request posts, there would be a time threshold, like how posts are cached on your local mobile device for most social media apps. posts would be cached on the server.

now, yes, this architecture would in fact result in more network traffic occurring between each and every node, as they receive updates about events on other nodes. so that would be extra burden upon the hosts. but i believe it is something we can work through.

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i'm going to design and build a "programmer's numpad", because I'm sick of awkward hand movements for writing brackets with numbers and commas and spaces etc. here's the first draft. make your modifications here: http://www.keyboard-layout-editor.com/#/ i'm thinking of adding another column, putting something between the numbers and the plus/minus.

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or is there such a thing? should i just stick to some mantra, even if it doesn't necessarily feel "right"?

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i search for a community, over all instances connected to the instance i'm using or maybe at least the posts wouldn't be replicated, but there would only be one community, and when you visit it, posts for the community are downloaded from your primary instance, as well as other instances based on some configuration that makes sense.

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just make normal sized cellphones again, please!

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