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Instructors and art books literally give permission to use them as a "stepping stone" by definition. The entire point of them is to offer input to other artists.

Also the main difference is that a human has a human mind and is making creative decisions unique to that human. The problem is that a narrow AI algorithm cannot be anything BUT derivative. They don't think, they don't have a mind that filters the data through a unique perspective, they just process the data like a series of conveyer belts. If you never give a human any input from other artists they can still make art, that's why we have cave paintings. But a narrow AI algorithm needs specific input via specific pieces of art or else it can't create anything. With that in mind permission and consent is much more important to the artists whose specific pieces are being fed into the algorithm. It's generally considered good form to credit inspiration in derivative work, but we understand that human nature means that humans may not always remember or realize what or who inspired them. AI doesn't have that excuse. We are perfectly capable of only feeding images that we are given permission to use into AI, and we are perfectly capable of having the AI log and report what works it used data from.

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Well the earliest I can think of christians getting in to politics is ancient Rome, but I'm sure it's been happening since before then too. As for the US, something tells me they've been involved from the start, regardless of what the constitution says.

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I think the particular issue with the dog meat industry is that it has high amounts of cruelty, even by meat industry standards. Iirc there's the belief involved that if the dog suffers it makes the meat taste better. So at many farms they are often tortured before death and killed in painful ways. They are also kept in horrendous conditions. Farm animals are often kept in horrendous conditions as well, but generally that's because of a lack of regulation and most people who oppose dog meat farms also oppose the mistreatment of farm animals as well.

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And how, pray tell, would you enforce a revoked driving privilege?

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I mean for me motivation is heavily influenced by my energy level.

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I hope you put him back after

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So many suggestions here are so needlessly complicated. Just put some tape on the end of a thin stick 🤦

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If you genuinely don't see the issue with what's happening here then I'm not going to waste any more energy arguing with you. What they're doing here is dangerous, even if you're too blind to see it.

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If she feels anxious or on the alert while outside then petting could cause her to feel overstimulated. For cats just being around you is a way for them to show affection, so if she doesn't like being overstimulated that may be why she's avoiding physical affection. Try just letting her sniff your fingers and maybe rub herself against you, and if she let's you, keep the petting to just her head if she's alright with that much. Then let her leave if she wants to. If even that much is unwanted then that's okay, just avoid petting her. Being near you seems to be enough for her. But it is definitely a sign that she cares about you, if she follows you the whole way.

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You are focusing way to much on the fact that "oh well the rest isn't too bad, it's just one bad part." and you don't seem to understand the issues with the bad part.

It doesn't matter if the rest is inoffensive. None of it was offensive before. You think they're going to start with this one change? Do you really not see how this is just their foot in the door? They're rubbing their hands together salivating over people like you because you're the stepping stone they're looking for to gain leverage for future changes. You're the hot water they want to use to slowly boil all the frogs in the pot.

And the slaves DID NOT BENEFIT FROM SLAVERY. Even the implication is disgusting. I don't understand how anyone could honestly believe that. Think about it, for one goddamn moment. They did not learn these skills BECAUSE of slavery. Did white people need to be slaves to learn the same skills? Obviously not. Imagine how many black people could have learned and applied these skills, like blacksmithing and so on, if they'd been given the freedom to CHOOSE to do so on their own terms for their OWN sake, not for the sake of the people with bloody whips in their hands. My god dude, actually think about what the fuck you're saying.

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One side is literally trying to erase the rights of people like me and my friends, while the other isn't. So what I think is that you should shut the fuck up.

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Scholarships and Harvard grads don't make a school or its students "good". Sounds like the kids at your school were just as horrid as the kids at the one OP's son goes to as well. My condolences. But where I lived I didn't know a single kid who thought reporting to the man made you a snitch if it saved an underage girl from being abused. Kids who did stuff like that were considered heroes. Not saying my school was full of saints, it wasn't, but they had standards. At least they weren't completely depraved of all humanity. I wouldn't want to keep my kid in a school that would bully someone just for saving a young girl.

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