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In addition to the other comments about it being just as quick, if not faster and easier to get a consistent heat, I also found the noise level was way better - it'll hum if the pan isn't centered properly, and the power is turned up, but when simmering, it's pretty much silent which was weird but suprisingly nice.

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Sept 2019 is 4 years ago

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I've only had 1 phone in the last 10 years that didnt wirelessly charge, and there's zero chance I'd buy a phone without it again. And I'm really hoping qi2 starts appearing in phones next year.

I don't understand the need for super fast charging, like it's handy if you're on the run and forgot about it, but I need more charging than my phone does, so it's no issue to just plonk it on a stand when I'm resting....

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And not to mention it was water ingress into the bloody batteries, they're lucky (or maybe unlucky in this case) that the car didn't burn down from the Lithium...

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HMD Global is a Finnish company, run by ex-Nokia executives. It's pretty nuch the old Nokia, seperated enough to not bankrupt the original company if it goes bad.

The phones are no more Chinese than Google and Apple.

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Likewise, pay for full Nitro, I can afford it and it's a platform I use frequently and enjoy, I'm glad they let others who can't pay for Nitro have a pretty much equivalent service for free.

It's not free to run a platform, and it's unreasonable to demand everything for free. It could be more reasonably priced (basic is not too bad), but honestly I'm okay with subsidising others for something like this.

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Same here, for my ISP it's no extra charge, they just ask you why you're opting out

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This group also targeted a Formula Electric Grand Prix, which seems counter productive...

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I don't believe anything is actually copied until you request it to be pasted. The clipboards in Linux mark where the data is, and don't actually initiate a copy until there's a destination.

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The research is from Qatar, I imagine it's a lot harder to grow enough carrots in sandy deserts and bedrock

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I'm accessing via kbin through Firefox, with a shortcut 'installed' through the Firefox feature on Android. Started on Kbin, the UI wasn't terrible and didn't change

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