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So this person and your mom is so adept at image editing in a mobile environment, file management but not selecting who to text

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Oops your bias leaked a little

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Hoping it will be treated like biological chemical warfare. It may be good at killing, but that's not necessarily the best way of conducting warfare

[-] [email protected] 2 points 20 hours ago

Yeah no unmanned vehicles fly that well. And it's extremely illegal but idk if that really stops anyone. It did work for some types of ammunition though, and biological warfare? So maybe?

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I just used Spotify. But here's one song. The artist is called Vincent Rubinetti


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You attack my viewpoint, but misunderstood it. I corrected you. Now you tell me I am wrong with my viewpoint (I am not btw) and start going down the idiotic path of bad faith conversation, while strawman arguing your own bad faith accusation, only because you are butthurt that you didn't understand. Childish approach.

You don't understand, because no expert currently understands these things completely. It's pure nonsense defecation coming out of your mouth

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I still prefer it sorry I guess for doing so? What do you want me to say?

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Pretty cool, thanks

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I don't agree like I said. It's a terrible interface (yes for a developer)

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That's just silly, as if there is no nuance whatsoever. You can ofc change its understanding. Depending on your definition, different types of models could be interpreted as intelligent in certain areas. You can be rational, you know, not everything needs to be black and white. It's also possible that since even the experts in the field don't fully grasp it, maybe you don't either.

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Sorry I don't get it

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Ironically the same in left leaning countries just corps banging the workers and blaming someone else using insane propaganda every single fucking where

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