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But then what do you use for database???

Probably a database.

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Or why didn’t the rescuers text or leave a message?

Sounds like everyone has trouble communicating properly here. It’s like how to write a sitcom plot 101.

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You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

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I’m guessing those things run Linux. So you would just need a shell.

Though I’m guessing term of his house arrest didn’t allow him to have a keyboard. That part has me curious.

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It’s like it’s not enough that you deal with all the technical shit, updating to new versions, checking shit out from GitHub, running builds, paying for the goddamn thing, then you are also responsible for babysitting content? Fuck that. Unless you have a good group of mods/admins it is really difficult to do.

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Lol and people want to talk about Mars missions.

We are so fucked.

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It’s like Walmart. Open 24/7 but full of shit garbage and shit people.

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I like the ones that don’t get crucified.

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What companies are you people working for?

We are being asked not to use AI.

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Before opening the comments, I spent several seconds contemplating if I should mention this, or if people would think I was some pedantic nerd dickhead and downvote me to hell. Glad someone else already covered this.

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I miss my cat so much. Love your idiot.

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Haha I ate so much cheese, and drank so much whiskey.

Let me know when you want to put the rest of those wage slaves on a train. <3

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I'm trying this on Ubuntu 22.04 Rust's cargo install seems to keep creating permission problems between what I have to install, compile and what gets published in the cargo "registry", which causes issues at runtime when I run as lemmy:lemmy through systemctl.

If I run: cargo install lemmy_server --target-dir /usr/bin/ --locked --features embed-pictrs as a non-root user, I get permission denied issues with /usr/bin/.future-incompat-report.json and /usr/bin/release

If I run the build as a root user, and then manually copy the binaries to /usr/bin and chmod them to lemmy:lemmy, then try to run as lemmy:lemmy, it appears the binary is trying to access some "registry" files in /root/.cargo/registry (for which of course it does not have permissions.)

How do I fix this?

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