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Good. Idiots attack these things.

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I've done stupid engine swaps. Unless your vehicle has a kit, no chance you get it done for under 20k. The amount of planning to get shit to fit must be hundreds of hours. If you want to figure out the engineering you'll get in under 15k probably. I doubt it'll ever be cost efficient to convert most models.

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Fuck I'll bite. Please for the love of God explain how you think crowd strike of all companies has a monopoly. Or how you plan to prevent bottle necks in swsc, even in oss. As if apache or open SSL hasn't created massive issues that required immediate labor to fix.

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You just aKchtually'ed with a K over some minutia over highway numbering and it seems personal. Wew lad.

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I guess nobody told you how highways are numbered? 😁

TLDR: Ends in odd, goes north and south. Even, east to west.

It's numbered from top right to bottom left. Eg, Rt1 goes from Maine to Florida and is the most eastern route. 66 goes east-west and is south of the parallel route 50.

Edit: On further thought, all the highways are clear.rly marked north south east west. Using the sun.... Was an interesting thought.

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There is very little pots phone left. If the Internet is down, many areas will be without both.

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