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I do, so that when I see your car broken down on the highway I know what not to buy. /j

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Or we could just... not glorify people we barely know and invariably be disappointed when it comes out they're flawed some way or another.

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... the investigation has nothing to do with the GamersNexus video, so your reply is irrelevant to the parent comment. But since you posted, I'll take the dive: you really think it's better they don't investigate? If you were Linus, you're saying you would rather bury your head in the sand about potential employee abuse because your reputation is too important? Sounds like your morals are worse than LTT.

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That it is. Firefox updates have broken my CSS several times now, so I am quite happy for them to add side tab officially.

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This is avoidable with the right CSS.

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I have been running vertical tabs for a while now and it's broken about 3 times, once every few months. Currently, I've had no min/maximise/close buttons for about a week because I can't be bothered to fix it. Far from "one and done".

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Might just be me but YAML is some of the least readable shit I've ever used.

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Gotta be the old faithful "Poolside Identity" by nakinyko. It's a Chuunibyou soundtrack x Kendrick Lamar, certified trash.

For a pop mash, I'll throw in "I Wanna Be Alright" by Sim Gretina, a mix of Ariana Grande & Whitney Houston.

Or an absolutely derelict meme combo of Valentino Khan & Dirty Rush by Pluffapuff (Ali-A's intro music and Mafia City ad music).

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That first one is flawless. Ho-ly.

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Have you seen a good method/guide to prioritise release groups for anime? I looked into it but it was super confusing to me and didn't beat just grabbing a nyaa rss feed.

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I use the location tracking of Google Maps/Google Timeline constantly for work, and it's exceedingly helpful to know when I was at certain cities, buildings, etcetera. Of course, this means I'm basically signing my soul away to Google. But I can't really find any alternative location tracking apps, even though I would have thought there would be lots available. Are there any good alternatives out there?

The closest I found was Owntracks, but it doesn't work for me for a couple of reasons. Primarily, it doesn't tell me the places I've been, only the latitude/longitude. That isn't helpful. I want to know I was at X or Y convenience store and when my last visit was. Secondly of course, the interface was extremely lacking and I didn't like that it was split across two websites and an app. Why even have a map in the Android app if it doesn't show my location data??

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Title, basically. I know I have issues, but I couldn't say if it's depression, ADD, or just general problems. Is the only reason to have a diagnosis so you know what to work on, or are there other benefits such as easier access to therapy?

My question is meant specifically for Canada, but feel free to chip in from other countries. :)

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Location: Los Angeles, California, USA on 16/Oct/2023.

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According to the home owner:

We live on a 90* corner intersection with a major street and this guy flew around it at probably 40-50mph. Hit my neighbors car so hard it ended up in their yard facing the other way. Both cars totaled, driver ran off on foot. 11 AM on a Sunday morning.

And the aftermath:

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Location: Texas, USA on 15/Oct/2023.

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Location: Route 62 exit off highway 290 in Illinois, USA on 15/Oct/2023

Tourists, am I right? (
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Location: California, USA on 12/Oct/2023

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Source: [u/SmartGuy202]

Location: Massachusetts, USA on 16/Oct/2023

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Your daily lesson in vocabulary, for visual learners!

No source that I have found yet. :(

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