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Yep, I voted for the nuclear engineer.

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Yep, it's disgusting. I really hope voters hear learn how to read soon.

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Daronda Elaine Williams with the Concerned Citizens of Prescott group spoke about the donation during the presser.

"He's invested a half million dollars into leaving the door open so lawmakers can water down our educational standards," Williams continued. "He doesn't have kids in our schools. He doesn't live in our community."

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The receiving organization is known as Arkansans for Students and Educators and was formed on April 1, 2024. A statement of organization filed with the Arkansas Ethics Commission says that the group was formed "For the disqualification and/or defeat of The Arkansas Educational Rights Amendment of 2024."

The amendment in question was proposed by the group For AR Kids, which is trying to get the amendment on the 2024 ballot and is currently gathering signatures.

The For AR Kids Ballot Question Committee is a coalition comprising the Arkansas Public Policy Panel, the Arkansas Conference of the NAACP, the Arkansas Education Association, the Citizens First Congress, Stand Up Arkansas, and the Arkansas Retired Teachers Association.

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That looks like the same guy that the other commenter said is the Marshall. Is that true?

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Oh god, I hope he told him it was his birthday gift from the AG.

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The one time Jesus got angry. Go figure...

Edit: on record. I guess he could've had some pretty terrible 2s, or something, that we don't know about.

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The attorney general of Missouri is demanding information about the circumstances of a post shared on the X social media platform by the official city of Kansas City account that stated Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker's city of residence.

The post, since deleted, noted the Kansas City suburb where Butker lives, which has a population of more than 100,000. The city's account later posted a message saying, "We apologies (sic) for the previous post. It was shared in error."

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Yes, thank you! I'm doing what i can to spread the word about what's happening here. Florida and Texas get all of the press. Arkansas is falling into the same pit.

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I wouldn't necessarily call her a minor character. I put her in the league with desantis and abbott. She just seems to fly under the national radar and i thought this article does a great job of calling her out and

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Sorry man, but the entire thing is a summary of her administration and i didn't know how to pare that down.

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The measures upheld include a change to the state’s voter ID law that removes the option for someone to sign an affidavit affirming their identity if they don’t present a photo identification at the polls.

The other measures prevent anyone other than voters from being within 100 feet of a polling place, require an absentee voter’s signature on a ballot to match the signature on their voter registration application, and move up the deadline for voters to return absentee ballots in person.

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Now, I kinda want to see an oceans 11 type movie with adam driver as David Copperfield and willem defoe as epstein.

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Including this one

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President Joe Biden, in a video posted Thursday on X, touted the proposal as "an important move toward reversing longstanding inequities."

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President Joe Biden, in a video posted Thursday on X, touted the proposal as "an important move toward reversing longstanding inequities."

"Look folks, no one should be in jail for merely using or possessing marijuana. Period," he said. "Far too many lives have been upended because of a failed approach to marijuana, and I'm committed to righting those wrongs."

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The prominence of school vouchers continues to surge across the country — but they might not benefit the families who need them the most.

Over the past few years, states like Ohio and Arkansas have expanded their school voucher programs to allow most or all parents to receive funding to send their kids to private schools. More than 20 states now have some kind of voucher program with more in consideration. Arizona was the first state to create a universal voucher program in 2022 — and experts have said it's the state to watch when analyzing the impact of vouchers for all.

The modern school voucher movement started to grow in the 1990s under the idea that the government would give parents a certain amount of money to put toward private school tuition. The programs were means-tested, meaning recipients had to meet a certain poverty limit to receive assistance, with the idea that kids with fewer resources would be able to earn a better education at private schools.

However, gradually, more states began to raise the poverty limit, making nearly any parent eligible to receive the funding — and in some states, it led to the cash going to the wealthiest families. Arizona is "a cautionary tale" regarding the expansion of vouchers, Josh Cowen, professor of education policy at Michigan State University, told Business Insider.

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Trump follows with postings about how the beautiful mother nature whom he's always respected has joined the witch trial by continuing to keep him from speaking. But at least he could catch up on some rest.

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And through it all, Trump has been required to remain seated, not gesturing, not talking and not using his phone. He has not even been allowed to adjust the temperature a few degrees in a courtroom he described as “freezing.”

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I have old Facebook and Twitter accounts, maybe some others. I'm old so there's a MySpace account out there. But I've mostly been using reddit the last decade or so, and have migrated to Lemmy. Now, Lemmy is the only social media i use. Recent news got me thinking about this question.

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“A lot of the information that’s been put out there is completely incorrect and inaccurate,” Nebo School District Public Information Officer Seth Sorensen told

While Sorensen said there have been issues with harassment or students making others feel uncomfortable or unsafe, he said most of the claims online are false.

“The administration at the school addressed that with the entire student body and they sent out a couple of emails,” Sorensen said. “Some of those emails were misinterpreted, and parents took to online formats to voice some of their concerns and questions.”

Sorensen said students are not dressing up as cats and dogs, and because there is a dress code in place, he doesn’t think videos that have been shared online are from Nebo schools. Sorensen emphasized that the main goals of the district are open communication and student safety.

“Today, we had some students and parents choose to exercise their right to assemble, and do a little protest for what they perceived was something that was happening in the school,” Sorensen said. “It actually is not something that’s been occurring.”

He said the reports of students dressing as animals are “a little bit inaccurate,” saying students wearing headbands with ears are similar to students wearing bows and sports jerseys. Sorensen said dressing up is “just what students of this age do.”

“Interestingly enough, they really didn’t address us with anything they wanted changed,” Sorensen said of the protesters.

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The justices heard arguments in Joseph Fischer's appeal of a lower court's ruling rejecting his attempt to escape a federal charge of corruptly obstructing an official proceeding - the congressional certification of President Joe Biden's victory over Trump that the rioters sought to prevent on Jan. 6, 2021.

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This latest effort is a part of the NAACP's attempt to fight what they describe as a wave of anti-diversity, equity and inclusion legislation across the country.

The lawsuit argues that the Advanced Placement African American Studies classes taught in Arkansas' public schools have received inequitable treatment and have been marginalized and underfunded when compared to other advanced placement courses. The suit claims that the alleged inequities have both deprived students the opportunity to learn about African American history and contributions, and have maintained a level of systemic inequality.

"We refuse to go back. The NAACP will continue to use every tool at our disposal to ensure that our constitutional rights are protected, and our culture respected. This is what standing for community looks like," NAACP President Derrick Johnson told ABC News.

Johnson added, "From Arkansas to Alabama, the desecration of diversity, equity and inclusion poses an imminent threat to the future of our nation."

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