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He's too young. And you're too young

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I can't believe sometimes I am part of the same community as people like you

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you'd be better using debian than popos

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distrohopping till success it not a solution...

"Thanks to @Thorondir, I was able to resolve my crashing issues that began with 1.0: "Since 1.0 I couldn't start the game anymore. Turns out it's a kernel bug! See

Enable 'Decoding Above 4G' and 'resize BAR' in BIOS."

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doesn't powertop already do this?

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There's LocalSend that already exists

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Could be a decent idea

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we have Kate, I doubt I can do much better than that

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It used to be tauri, but due to a bug in tauri that lasted more than a year, I had to switch to electron. I've been thinking of switching back, but I've got other priorities

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doesn't that exist already? I could swear I saw at least 2 on flathub

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Sounds good, I'll consider it heavily as audio/gtk4 would be interesting

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Would you take iced/cosmic or tauri? Or it really has to be a GTK4?

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I'm bored and want to practice my Rust skills. I am the creator of open-tv. If you have any idea for a linux desktop app, even if it seems quite complex, I will take it.


I've been running Tumbleweed for a few years now. It's great, but it's not 100% autopilot, updates often require manual intervention (resolving small problems) or updates try to add 50 packages I don't need (recommends) all the time despite them not being in a pattern. I've been looking for a distro on which I could set up automatic updates and forget mostly about it, while still having recent packages; reliability and peace of mind while being on the bleeding edge. Due to having an NVIDIA GPU, LTS distros are a no-go. I've debated on the following

  • Debian: packages too old, ideal for my server though.
  • Ubuntu 24.04: Plasma 6 not available until next release. Snap is still a problem.
  • Fedora/Ublue: DNF is painfully slow. Immutable variants are interesting but download full GBs worth of images
  • Arch: insanely fast package manager, but can require manual intervention. Automatic updates aren't recommended for arch. It also lacks my printer driver on the repos (only available on the AUR). One of the only distros that can truly satisfy my minimalist itch.
  • KDE Neon: Snaps, no nvidia graphics
  • NixOS: Never tried it but apparently the unusual file structure causes many problems

So I ended up trying again OpenSUSE Kalpa. I had completely forgotten about it, and I really like the concept. It's like the Fedora immutable variants, but instead of downloading whole GBs of images, it creates BTRFS snapshots between normal zypper updates. So you can have the benefits of offline updates without having to wait at boot or at shutdown. Just like silverblue, the concept is to try to install everything through flatpak/distrobox and avoid adding anything unnecessary to the base, so that system updates can be snappy and unproblematic.

I was really tired of opening my laptop, updating everything and then rebooting. I just want to open my pc, have all updates automatically applied in the background through systemd units so that the next time I boot, I have an updated system. No "updating" during next boot. I finally found a distro perfect for me in that regard, and for everyone else who's tired of babysitting their linux desktops, you should give a shot to Kalpa/Aeon.

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I start KDE with startx on tumbleweed, everything works except that kwallet asks for my password when I launch discord or other apps. I installed pam_kwallet and made sure that my user password is identical to my kwallet password. Anyone knows how I could fix this?

My xinitrc seems to be sourced from /usr/libexec/xinit/xinitrc by default

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I stumbled on the repo today and I noticed it was archived. Will the fork be abandoned?

EDIT: Thanks guys, I moved to Tubular.

You should try Ico (self.patientgamers)
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Ico is lesser known/underrated because it's the spitirual "prequel" to shadow of the colossus. The game first released on PS2, but you can play it on PS3 from The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection which is a HD version of both games on a single disc.

I played the PS3 version on RPSC3 and it worked flawlessly except for a few crashes.

The game is an experience unlike any other. Sometimes we say about some games "they don't hold your hand", like the Souls game. Well, this game will never give you a single hint, it's that mantra pushed to the extreme. It's best described as Portal without the portals. It makes the experience very immersive since there are no HUD elements, no voice telling you to do anything. It's essentially a puzzle game, but it won't feel like a puzzle game, it will feel like an adventure you are solely responsible for and for which the end result will be 100% your achievement; It's not a multiple endings game, but it's such a well designed game that the player will feel proud of the journey.

I can't say much more without spoiling, all I can say is please give this game a shot, it will change your perspective on games as a whole.

My rating, 10/10. There are 0 flaws with this game, not a single con I can nitpick about. There's barely any dialogue but it can easily make you quite emotional.


I decided to try this game, almost 4 years after the PC release and 5 years after the PS release. To me it felt like this game got released a year ago, truly a patient gamer.

This game is all about the story so I'll avoid mentioning too many details about it in case one of you sees this and actually wants to try it.

The first mission is amazingly crafted and captivates your attention, it serves as a great and concise tutorial that you may not even notice that it's a bit of a tutorial. Did a tutorial ever make you feel like a total badass? This one will. After that mission, you get into the real story's intro.

The game's intro is a classic playstation exclusive intro, in the sense that it's a bit of a slug. At least, I can say it really introduces well the player to the world of Detroit. It presents many of the themes and philosophical dilemmas that you will have to deal with in the game without shoving them too much down your throat. So if you start to feel bored during the intro, stick around cause it does get way better.

A bit on the story without spoiling anything; you basically get to play 3 different android characters with unique stories and background. Not only your decisions, but also the way you choose to interact with other characters have quite a dramatic impact on the story. There's not 1000 endings, don't get me wrong, but your playthrough will actually feel like YOUR playthrough. It's truly surprising how much I got attached to the characters and the story I crafted through my choices. The game's writing may feel a bit cheesy at times, but it's the good kind.

I don't usually play these kind of game-movies and I have no idea if they typically are that good, but I can tell you this one's a gem. I completed this 8-12h game (approx) in a single day, non-stop cause I got so hooked and then proceeded to complete the game a second time 3 days later. And as I'm writing this, it tempts me into a 3rd playthrough.

I played on PC, the port's alright. To have more than 60 fps you have to edit the config which is a bit unfortunate, but expected from a sony exclusive. It performs well and I think it only crashed twice. Since this game saves every 5 seconds, it's not too bad. The graphics look a bit dated since it was made for PS4.

Rating? 9/10. Since I praised this game most of the reviews, I'll give a concise list of the cons:

  • Very sluggish (intentionally slow story pacing) in two parts of the game. It reduces replayability because you'll think "oh fuck I'll have to do this shit again"
  • Have to edit config files on PC
  • QTEs can be quite annoying at times, and failing some QTEs will have dramatic consequences.

If you like a good story, GO PLAY THIS NOW. You won't regret it.


I made this as a challenge to learn golang. If you ever wanted to make memes without having to use those pesky GUI tools, there you go! The only dependency is lmageMagick and the windows version comes batteries-included.

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I just upgraded my nvidia driver and kernel on tumbleweed and now my main monitor can't go to 240hz without losing input. Am I the only one? It works fine on 60 and could work perfectly on 240hz before the update

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I don't know what it is with this display, but I've never experienced something like this despite owning multiple amoled and oled phones.

The whites are blindingly white even at low brightness. On a more balanced image, the displays seems not bright enough even at max. Since text is often white, it hurts to read text. And outside, the display is barely readable.

Am I the only one having difficulty with this display? I used to have an iPhone 13 Pro Max and a Note9 before this phone, both running always at full brightness too. Now I don't venture above 20% indoors.


My Logitech G Pro wireless does not work unless replugged at every boot. Is there any workaround/fix? Or is it a persistent bug? I've been experiencing this across multiple distros and wireless mice

EDIT: Adding usbcore.autosuspend=-1 to my kernel boot parameters seems to fix the problem. Thanks everyone!

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