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Studying maths is a good way to pasta time.

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There's a difference between not buying anything from China, which would be nearly impossible, and not specifically having your own merch made there, though, especially when you get to choose the manufacturer. It's not like China is the only place you can have these things made.

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There's nothing wrong with shearing sheep if there's no exploitation occurring. The problem is when you add a profit motive to keep breeding animals designed with their exploitation in mind.

However, I'm going to go out on limb here, and say there probably aren't many sheep in the care of vegans except on animal sanctuaries. The important thing is to stop buying wool and funding animal exploitation.

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Lol, yeah, same. r/VCJ helped me go vegan too. My first time there was so confusing and anger inducing.

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Might also want to make an image of the device with dd if=/dev/DEVICE-NAME conv=sync,noerror bs=128K > sd_card.img first. It's often a good practice to make a raw backup before doing anything that changes the device.

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Didn't WaPo recently get bought out? Or was that another paper I'm thinking of?

Edit: Nope, just reorganized, it seems.

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"Rectuma Dentata", what a wonderful phrase

Rectuma Dentata ain't no passing craze

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I always get "I barely eat any meat."

My dude, if you need to make a confession, see a priest, or a shrink.

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Where'd you pull voter fraud from? The idea is he's rationalizing making the situation worse to his audience, but voted under his actual name. When your satire is fully indistinguishable without having to be told, it's shit satire.

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Called it.

Different city, but same exact play.

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Haha, yeah, that's why I said it's my diplomatic answer, as it doesn't utterly reject a capitalist framework.

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I was going to make pizza on Friday, but I messed up when stretching my dough, and it seized up, so I had to rest it and re-rise, and so change of plans!

I had left over curry and just made the tofu cutlets by shallow frying in a small pan to minimize oil usage.

As always, any questions or feedback welcome, and happy to provide recipes if anyone wants them! ^_^

Za #4, Pepperoni Pizza (sh.itjust.works)
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I happened across some store bought vegan pepperoni, and decided I'd do one of the most simple pizzas in existance: the NY style pepperoni pizza. It totally wasn't because I was lazy and it takes like almost zero effort.

My dough caught on the peel as I was shimmying it on to the griddle, so I kinda got this weird teardrop-shaped pizza. Oh well. (:

There's really just something very comforting about a basic-ass slice like this. It's not fancy or pretentious, just delicious.

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So I've decided to make pizza every Friday this summer. This is #3, but I declined to post the first two because they contained a slightly controversial brand plant based meat substitute.

This one has vegan blue cheese, caramelized onions, button mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, balsamic reduction and pear slices. I meant to add a bit of arugula, but I forgot. A little fresh basil probably would have been good too.

Oh yeah, I was going to have it last night (y'know, on Friday like I said) but some stuff came up so I had to delay a night.

Feel free to ask for any recipes or whatever! I generally follow Adam Ragusa's NY style pizza recipe, but he's not vegan so if you don't want to give him additional traffic, I can probably answer any questions you might have.

If you have any suggestions for my next pizza, I'd love to hear it! ^^


I've been learning to cook all sorts of Indian recipes lately. The samosa are store bought, cuz who has time for that. Everything else is made from scratch. I'll probably get around to makeing my own samosas too, some day.

Will post recipes if anyone is interested. ^^

NY-ish style pizza (sh.itjust.works)
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A riff on the classic NY style pizza. Obviously with all the extra toppings, and a cheddar style "cheese", it's not in any way accurate, but it's what I happened to have on hand.

Dough & Sauce:

  • Adam Ragusea's NY Style Pizza v2 [Content Warning: recipe is not fully vegan. It contains cow milk.]


  • Smoked cheddar style vegan grating block


  • Red onion, mushroom, vegan sausage, fresh basil
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