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Shawshank Redemption was a book. The Godfather was a book. Lord of the Rings, Forrest Gump, Fight Club, Goodfellas, Silence of the Lambs... That's just from the first 25 of IMDB'S top 250.

The Thing is a remake. The Fly was a remake. Scarface, The Departed, The Mummy... all remakes.

The problem isn't remakes or adaptations, the problem is they're shit remakes and adaptations. Nobody cares that The Batman was the 75th adaptation of Batman, because it was good.

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Communism good, therefore China good, therefore West bad, therefore Israel bad, therefore dead Israelis good!

What a fucking worldview

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Then they grow up and want to help others, but this time it's bad because socialism.

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If you do it right, they grow up and still want to help others.

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This is literally illegal in most developed countries. Only in the US and with Satan can you sign a contract that removes your rights under law.

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True, but also funny coming from the publisher that has run multiple huge franchises into the ground

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How's not being woke working out for the slowly imploding Russian military?

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Feel such whiplash talking about solar with Australians and Americans.

Australians are like "yeah mate I put solar on and me bills are about $15 a month fucken sweet as"

Americans are like "I would love to get solar but what do you do when there is a cloud???"

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Hey that's not fair, we also know about that time you were slaves

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Funnily enough he used to be pretty left.

It's like this right wing conspiracy pipeline is a honeypot for pond scum that reveals who they really are.

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LTT is just an apology video channel now

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"Just upgrade your PC"

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It's not even about graphics alone.

They're clearly building their games in an extremely inefficient way. Starfield does not have anything going on in it that other games with much lower requirements also have done.

You see evidence of this in their previous games. One of the major performance issues with Fallout 4 for example, was that instead of building their cities in performant ways, they literally plonked every building as an individual asset into the world which thrashed the CPU for no reason. Modders just had to merge them all into one model to significantly improve performance. Their games are full of things like this and Starfield will be no different.

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You heard him 4090 users, upgrade to a more powerful GPU.

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