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Not to get meta, but I don't understand the implied joke ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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People can, and will be dicks, who get embarrassed about not understanding shit and try to find blame elsewhere for their embarrassment.

Still, there is an important skill when teaching someone something, of understanding approximately how much they know, and telling them approximately the parts they don't, leaving them to ask you questions to fill the gaps afterwards. Makes teaching really fast when done right.

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You're starting from the assumption that the universe is infinite, and conclude that there is no maximum because the universe is infinite.

Sorry for being this blunt, but that's intellectually boring.

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Get me a fan or air conditioning, for survival, and I'm in

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Given the amount of time it has been? Yeah sure, lol

I'm not gonna do much, but I've seen a couple cheap trolls in my time here, and it'd feel good to remove them myself rather than passing it on to someone else.

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It should be noted, none of this is about "expectation", because none of this is about us as onlookers, and it's only about what the person doing the eating feels is right. But, my personal take?

I would (and actually have myself, having been an orthodox Christian when I was growing up, during a yearly religious 2 week fast of meat products and oils) absolutely done the same thing.

It's not about "suppressing your belief in order to not be rude". I think that would be bad, and sad.

It's about "kindness being a more important value than religion". If you're with the person in the supermarket, guide them and teach them. If you're in front of a prepared, emotionally invested meal, from someone you care about, already making their best effort... Be kind.

Telling a kid "your music is not very good" when they're just starting out and trying their best, is not good. No matter how sincerely one believes in "Good Music", or "Good Art", or even "Honesty" or "Truth".

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Bruh what are you talking about. The "We need mods" post is still pinned in the community, first thing everyone sees when they browse the community itself.

This is not just power, it's also a demanding service, done out of responsibility and goodwill, and that is proven by this accountability-seeking post itself we're in.

We're a long, long way from being Reddit, as of yet.

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I think the point is to look for the happy ones, basically. And the few that are distinctly not happy.

Edit: I was wrong. Apparently you're supposed to find the snake, according to rumschlumpel below

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That poor egg, it's gonna go through some rough shit on the way.

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Saying nothing ever, may be the wrong decision. But there are better and worse times.

I believe the same day he made it and was excited and probably tired from trying really hard and all that, the validation is probably a lot more important than the lesson.

At a later time, when the situation is more relaxed, mentioning it kindly is a good idea, which can also prompt him to try again, instead of feeling like a "low grade"

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my rule (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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"u always on that damned phone" there are little gay people in here that like me

old rule posting (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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mintgoth: just learned that the word "ferret" is derived from the Latin word furittus meaning "LITTLE THIEF" and that a group of ferrets is called a BUSINESS and i am absolutely pleased with this new knowledge

insomniac-arrest: I am enriched by this knowledge, thank you

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Nathan Pyle is always right

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Day 1, panicked cry for helpHello, I hope it's ok to not post a picture, I'm quite a mess right now. I lack sleep, and I'm stressed, and just stopping panicking, lying down to write this and sleep.

I just brought home, on somewhat of a whim, the goodest and most communicative little boy cat from the street (he looks around or less than 6 months).

And I already have a lovely, cranky, scaredy cat of a 6 year old lady (sterilised).

I made the assumed mistake of letting them meet face to face as soon as I unlocked the door to the apartment.

Anya (old lady cat) froze, and left, scared, and went to her room with her litterbox, and has stayed there since.

The Boy, I left a bit around the apartment, to make sure he actually wants to stay instead of going back to the street (he loves it), took him outside and back once so he could emergency shit because he didn't like the sand in the second litterbox I prepared (maybe too little, I'll get more tomorrow), and now I've closed him in the WC, with a good-sized box with his new fluffy blanket, food and water for a day, and the insufficient but untouched litterbox. And he is very happy in his box, in the closed room.

But in between all that, were the incidents:

A couple of times, The Boy went into Anya's room, found her, sat far away, curled his tail around his feets, and slow-blinked at her. She was not accepting. Deep-mewls, staying as far as possible (cornered), raised hairs on tail, tail circling around her side not touching her body, lowered ears, wide eyes.

He respected the distance.

I put him in the bathroom, closed the door, put her food outside the door to the bathroom. Left him to relax (he is, he is fine). Sat with her in her room for half an hour, so she would relax. She did a bit. Still hasn't left her room, but came for pets after a while, in her room.

So. Given how unprepared I am for this, and how much I love both kittens, what tips do you have for me? What to be careful of?

The situation is not ideal. Is there any condition, where I should be prepared to send The Boy to be an outside cat, for the better of everyone?

I'm dying of sleepiness, ask anything, and any help is welcome. Thank you so much for even reading all this. Now I'm gonna sleep, and I'll be back in the morning.

Day 2 update edit: Okay, everything is smoother now. Further updates in body for everyone interested, but thanks a lot either way, all this info was pretty helpful, directly or indirectly, and just writing this all down has helped immensely with my maddening anxiety with this whole situation.

The boy got vet-ted, he has nothing serious, just a little snot for which I'll be giving him a small antibiotics treatment.

good boy spielHe is a very good boy, smartest and most communicative and trusting cat I've ever met, and even after the messy vet visit, he still repeatedly chose to come back with me whenever I gave him the choice of returning where I found him, or even just outside the building. No, he wants to be here. That fact helped me calmed down a lot.

Current situationCurrently, the boy has gorged himself full, from the stress of the vet visit no doubt, and is contently sleeping in his box in the closed bathroom. Anya is walking around the house, generally smelling everything, and paying occasional attention to the bathroom door. She is eating and drinking normally every so often, eyeing warily the faraway but visible door. She no longer looks actively scared or stressed, looking ok enough with the current arrangement.

Short term plansI read Jackson's guides, and they've been really helpful for context and building intuition, but neither my house, nor my situation allow really following them step by step, so we're gonna wing it a bit.

I'm going to have each of them inside their own room (different rooms) for a portion of each day, leaving the other one to roam the entire house for that time. Anya evening to noon (play->sleep->job->relax) time, the boy the rest. I'm lucky I have 5 days off work starting today, to give them the attention they need.

Once I find out why I can't upload pictures, I will show the kitties off, and give an update on their situation.

Thanks everyone!

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I'm sorry for the bad rule, but rule number rule rule.

EDIT: I'm glad people like and are discussing the post. For the record though, I posted this for the funny number lol

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