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Yes, databases (saved on a hard drive). SillyTavern has Smart Context but that seems not that easy to install so I have no idea how well that actually works in practice yet.

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I honestly have no idea what you're referring to now. I never asked for any ideas.

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I was being sarcastic. If you pay for a prostitute you might as well pay for an AI service such as novelai.

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And I replied to that comment, without any mouth foaming.

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If they're local they'd be basically useless due to a lack of computing power and potential lack of indexing for a search engine chatbot, so I doubt it. It would also have to be so polished that it wouldn't require further user knowledge / input, and that's just not a thing with any local LLM I've come across. Mozilla can gladly prove me wrong though. I certainly wouldn't mind if they generally can make the whole process of local LLMs easier and more viable.

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Yes, but what would a local model do for you in this case? Chatbots in browsers are typically used as an alternative / more contextualized search engine. For that you need proper access to an index of search results. Most people will also not have enough computing power to make use of any complex chatbot / larger context sizes.

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How are they going to block VPNs?

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Kids will do that either way when they get to that age.

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It's honestly stupid. They just go to less moderated sites, or if you're lucky, learn how to use a VPN and bypass all this nonsense anyway.

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Yeah, I heard they're also very privacy friendly.

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America moment.

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I don't know, I'm not a weeb.

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I'm in my first NG+ run. I've skipped the story, thinking it makes sense to grind out the temples first until you've maxed your powers and equipment but after finding 14 temples Vlad does not give me any new locations anymore and there's still 10 of the powers at level 1. I found a planet that has anomalies, but no temple quest triggered there either. So, can you only upgrade a limited amount of powers per run? If there's only about 14 temples per run, then I would need almost twice as many runs than the ones needed to get the last armor, no?

Or is this just bugged and I'm basically stuck on that save?

Edit: Bigot mods love to censor me I guess.

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