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The biggest issue with this question is that it frames Socialism as "Capitalism, but someone passed a law requiring equal ownership of business entities."

I think a more useful method of learning would be to ask questions about actually proposed or existing forms of Socialism, many of which eliminate competition altogether.

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Have you read Marxist theory? Marxists don't typically identify themselves as idealists, preferring instead Materialism, specifically Historical and Dialectical Materialism.

Reading theory may help you better engage with leftists online.

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Do you have evidence of Marx and Engels, both who railed against so-called "anti-authoritarians," saying that "Democracy must be abolished?" Do you have evidence of Marxists who followed them saying "Democracy must be abolished" either? I do not believe you will.

What I do see is Communists advocating for the destruction of Capitalism and the structures that support it, replacing them with proletarian democracy.

It isn't a non-sequitor, your point itself was a strawman that doesn't exist.

[-] [email protected] 3 points 8 hours ago

What Communist says "Democracy must be abolished?"

[-] [email protected] 1 points 8 hours ago

Am I not allowed to make a joke? Your point was that since Marx dissavowed some self-proclaimed Marxists during his lifetime, that those that followed him and took on the moniker must also not understand his ideas. You have to admit this is silly and not logically supported, right? That's like saying burgers are chicken sandwiches, because both have meat in buns.

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That's a bit goofy, but then I will amend the original statement with clarity: revolutionaries do not necessarily support random individual movements, but mass revolutionary action among the workers.

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Are you conflating Capitalism with democracy?

[-] [email protected] -1 points 9 hours ago

I do argue in good faith, this entire time I have asked you to elaborate and you've ducked and weaved, now that you can't duck anywhere else you run.

Good luck wishing for leftist movement to happen, surely another faithful will make it happen!

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Yes, all of the Marxists have failed to understand Marx, it is in fact Prunebutt who resurrected Marx and got him to denounce everyone who used his ideas.

That's a deeply silly statement, please explain why you think Lenin misunderstood Marx.

I believe that elected representatives can represent those that elect them if you don't have Capitalism. Saying you can't have that and just saying "no, you're the idealist" is unproductive and goes nowhere.

Material Conditions did improve in Catalonia! Never said they didn't, that's a claim you lied about me saying, though I'll let it slide this time. A lot did work, but a lack of proper organization led to losing to outside pressure.

Again, you claim that you know anything about anarchist and Marxist theory and show time and time again that you don't have the slightest of an idea.

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Delicious in Dungeon, Vinland Saga, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and other classics.

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That's a bit ridiculous, with respect to the Marx claim. Marx was attacking Dogmatism, not his own ideas. Post-Marx's death, people following his ideas understandably called themselves Marxists not because they worshipped Marx, but because they were working with his ideas!

As for Bakunin, he's a pure idealist here. His rejection of the state is based on the notion that the elected cannot represent the will of the people because they are not the people. This, of course, is wrong, as it assumes the people do not want someone managing higher-order decisions! Letting vast improvements in material conditions be held back because workers had representatives is why Anarchism has failed to last very long.

As for the USSR being "State Capitalist," that referred to the NEP. Judging Leftist movements by their structure as compared to perfect Marxism in a vacuum without considering the historical context is deeply silly idealism. You would have to do some heavy justification for why you believe a worker state to form a new class that isn't just vibes.

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A coup is a revolutionary movement with mass support? Are all revolutions coups?

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Ranking by themes, enjoyment, and how well these builds are actualized, what general build is most fun in each game? An ideal case, "fun maximized" run. What are your thoughts?

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I've always held the belief that music wasn't better in the past, people just have survivorship bias. What are your genuine favorite albums of the last few years?

Personally, I'm loving The Rime of Memory by Panopticon, Ants from Up There by Black Country, New Road, and Hellfire by Black Midi.

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Just what the title says. I know New Vegas is the fan favorite (and it's mine as well), but what do you personally like replaying the most? Is it Fallout 1, with its tight narrative and quick replay value? Is it 2, with its massive expansion on Fallout 1's formula? Is it 3, with the most atmospheric Wasteland to explore? Is it New Vegas, with the best roleplaying and replayability in the series? Is it Fallout 4, with the best gunplay and survival mode? What are your thoughts?

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Could be wabbajack, a guide, or even a list from a YouTuber. What curated mod list is your favorite? I'm partial to Viva New Vegas and like some of the Mojave Express Guide, but lists like Lost Liberty and The Sands, which have very clear visions in mind, have been a ton of fun as well. Especially looking for any for Fallout 4, I haven't played 4 in years.

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Everyone knows about Fallout 4: New Vegas, but what about the other projects? Fallout: London, Nuevo Mexico, and other large scale mods are on my radar. What's on yours?

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A huge new mod looks like it's actually coming out! I know many are wary after The Frontier, but what are y'alls thoughts? Looks fun at the very least! I like the new Vault Boy stand-in, and love the river/boat setting.

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