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I remember one guy telling his story that he was raped by a pregnant woman. He didn't want to hurt the baby so he couldn't force her to stop.

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  • Freeing Mexican citizens locked in cages at the border, but has in fact increased the numbers according to the ACLU, and now limiting the numbers of who can come in like fascist Trump wanted

Numbers have increased because more people are crossing the border. Biden has initiated several programs to streamline the asylum process and reduce the time people are detained. For example even though unaccompanied minors crossing the border have doubled since the end of Trump's term, the number of pending asylum cases for minors has decreased.

  • The COVID pandemic is still ongoing, we're just ignoring it while I've had friends die from it after it was "over" according to the CDC. Also removing the 14 day expected leave for it to improve ~~companies fucking over sick and healthy workers alike~~ the economy

If you thought Covid was ever going away, that's your mistake. Nothing to do with Biden. Get your vaccine and boosters on schedule and you will be fine.

  • Roe v Wade being reinstated, for the party that "cares about women's rights".

Congress passes laws, not the president. The Supreme Court wouldn't let and executive order last a day. Biden did what he could by allowing Mifepristone to be dispensed by pharmacies and sent through the mail.

    • Minimum Wage increases (Yes Congress is in charge of the purse, but can he say "please fucking do it so everyone has better income?")

He has said that and he did what he could by raising the minimum wage for federal workers.

  • Ran on trying to stop cops from shooting innocent civilians, but in his first State of the Union said "We don't need to defund the police, we need to fund the police!" to bipartisan roaring applause. I know he has a fucking cop as a VP, but god damn.

"Defund the police" as a slogan is just ammo for Republicans. He is right to move away from it. Biden tried to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing act but the Republicans blocked it. He has done a lot more. See below

  • And he's not doing anything to stop Project 2025 from getting into place if Trump wins.

He's running against Trump. That's how he is stopping Project 2025. Stop fucking trying to make that fail by repeating lies and propaganda

  • Could maybe consider giving new arms to Ukraine and stop funding explicit genocide in Palestine.

You said before that you know Congress has the power of the purse. He cannot do the things you want without Congress voting for it.

  • Didn't help the unions during the rail strikes give into the demands for better worker safety and benefits, blocking it like how Reagan blocked the FAA from striking for safety and benefits

You're ignoring what Biden did after. He kept pushing for what the union wanted and in the end they got their sick leave. The IBEW that led Biden

  • Still allows Trump-era expansions of spying agencies, that was made public under "constitutional lawyer and defender" Obama, and instated under Dubya.

It sucks but that is going to happen no matter who is president. At least Biden took action to protect us from foreign spying.

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For more on the long, racist history of US treatment of Mexicans, see Project Wetback.

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Trump reduced the requirements for protecting innocent bystanders and greatly increased the number of drone strikes during his tenure, which I think would be frowned upon at the pearly gates.

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My first thought was Taco Tuesday Celebration, but then I just realized it was The Ten Commandments

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And the growing LGBT hate. And the potential revival of the Comstock act. And the attempts at banning artificial insemination and contraception....

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Realistically, they still drive. They just don't have insurance so the second person they hit is fucked.

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More of a stampede than a creep these days.

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There is a rule for gas stations that prices can only be changed once a day. Sounds like that would be a good start.

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Amazing that they will do this and then turn around and complain about the destruction of western culture.

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The orange skin is always a dead giveaway

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He is more anti-muslim I would say.

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I pay all my bills online so I'm used to navigating logins and payment apps. I never have nearly as much trouble paying credit card bills.

My password wasn't working, so I tried recovery. The recovery asked for my email, birthdate, zip code, and last 4 digits of my SSN. All things I know well, but they say it's wrong. Now I'm locked out of my account for the 2nd time in two days....

I almost think it's a conspiracy to enable charging people more late fees.


Luna is a 3 year old standard poodle. We have had her for 3 weeks and I already can't imagine life without her.

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