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It's Megan! I'm going insane!


I threatened to make this on an episode of my podcast covering G-Witch, so now we must all suffer together.

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Honestly, this whole thing has a cohesive vibe to it (or maybe that's just the mood I'm in). Either way, I like it!

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I've considered it before, but maybe I should look into it a bit more concertedly! Every time I've gone into a doctor for a long term condition, they inevitably tell me to take B12 for 2 months and come back, and by that time I've usually lost my motivation for doing something about it. 😆

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My spouse: I was promised flying cars, and I don't even get a conversation pit!

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Yeah, StS really ruined me for other deckbuilders, and I'm still chasing that high. Some pretty good ones have been Power Chord and Banners of Ruin. They're both team-based games where cards are tied to certain characters, and I think that particular mechanic adds enough that it took me a while to crack the code on them.

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They're not technically a non-profit, but there is a co-op doing exactly this named, very creatively, The Drivers Cooperative. They're only in Colorado and New York (and I think specifically NYC) right now, but it's exciting to see that happening.

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I was actively taught in high school that "unions were nice, but not necessary any more, they get in the way of all our very cool free trade!"

Obviously, my thinking on that has changed a whole lot, but both my partner and I got fed that kind of rhetoric straight out of text books.

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The wiki just says they're married. I know it's not "official", but it's official in my heart.

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Yup, and that's mostly what I was looking for. I just kinda assumed it was an autism-related sensitivity thing, but it's nice to have confirmation. Thanks for sharing!

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That's a very interesting way to think about it, and as I think about an actual intense physical response like that, this kinda feels like a constant, low level version of that. Thanks for the articles! I definitely want to go dive into those.

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Yeah, that's kinda the vibe I get. It's definitely a receiving instead of initiating thing for me, too. I don't know that it's worse (because skin on fire sounds awful), but it's kinda different.

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Just wondering if anyone else experiences this. Things like my hair laying on the side of my head or bracelets cause a medium-intense aching pain on my head or arm. Some days, I'll have a pretty bad headache just from wearing a shirt, and I'll occasionally just have to take it off. It sounds like a milder form of allodynia, maybe? I know touch sensitivity is definitely a thing, but I've never known anyone who experiences it quite this way. It definitely scales with how well rested I am, too.

Anywho, I've tried searching for this before, but it only somehow just now occurred to me to ask my fellow neuro-spicies if this is common. Thanks!

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To the Moon was great. It's made with RPG Maker and it shows, but it hits hard.


I've been a craft beer nerd for nearly a decade, and I've been working on getting a place open with my friends since 2019. We finally opened this weekend, and it was an absolute blast! We all think the beer turned out great, and apparently so did everyone else. If you happen to be in the area and have a chance to drop by, mention this post and have a pint on me! (I'm the dork on the left)

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