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no sir, i come to you with tears in my eyes , they were saying "boo-urns"

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person woman man camera tv

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but but... i thought the president has 100% total immunity even when ordering the assassination of a political rival !?


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"Hey, there are parts of the Bible I like and parts I don't like."

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circumcision is in the Bible, gender reassignment surgery is not. That's where they're going to hang their hats... on the invisible sky ghost.

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Top Center... is that Jrrr, of Omicron Persei 8 !?!

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"Thagomizer" Thag? That guy's gonna be FAMOUS !!

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1969 - Hogan's Heroes. Col. Klink is shown a insignia button found in the woods. "it says 'us'" he says (to canned laughter)

So only 54 years ago confirmed evidence that it had been thought of before


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just like Daddy puts in his drink every morning.... and then he gets mad


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