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welp we are probably going to see a lot more tampering going on

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i often wonder how different music would be had Death released this record on time

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i fell asleep during that movie multiple times. something i also did when i saw morbius (sadly me sleeping caused me to miss the best scene in that movie, when that one guy starts dancing)

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damn i loved jackie brown i thought it was fantastic. and i also loved once upon a time in hollywood

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crash has like one good scene in the entire film. the rest is total garbage that me and a friend laughed at the entire time we watched it

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return of the jedi is my least favorite, besides rise of skywalker which shit on everything that had been built up. im one of those people that actually enjoyed the last jedi a lot

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crash won an oscar for best picture and it was complete and utter garbage

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hope it comes back to spotify soon. dont know why it was removed randomly

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i knew it. you had no reason. you just felt like being an asshole. i hope it brightened your day to post such a pointless comment ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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not too much of a pass though, because it was obsidian who gave the timeframe

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i can see that definitely. but i also look at it at the way nearly every other game is already selling content like that but without the quest attached to it. i dont think its worth 7 bucks. too expensive. but i also dont think its a total outrage personally. then again i didnt even have to pay for it because i got 1000 free credit things. if i didnt get those, i wouldnt have bothered buying it

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why? please explain the reasoning

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why are so many people absent mindedly pushing this buggy mess narrative? starfield was their least buggy release ever (i personally only encountered one terrible bug that was easily fixed with reloading a save)

its not like bethesda ever released a game as buggy as fallout new vegas or cyberpunk, besides 76 but, like new vegas and cyberpunk, it got fixed

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hmm maybe I do like Queen now...

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The balls on Loretta Lynn to allude to spousal rape during a time when it was legal

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my day today: play uno, get drunk, listening to this playlist. life is awesome

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Sick drum intro

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