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They do realise one of the commandments is against adultery right?

Also, that's the old testament. There are a lot of rules in there so maybe they should also put some of those up too, like the ones for owning slaves.

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Wow, it's really hard to imagine the deep societal harm done by these five people. And you do have to imagine it because it doesn't exist.

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Well, I think the latest reason is that they are threatening the death penalty for 'diehard' supporters of Taiwan.

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Such a fantastic game, I really need to fire it up again.

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Well, if a top contributer says so....

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The copy paster accusing others of being brainwashed when they engage. Not surprising, it seems you have no point to make after all.

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Oh shit, this was my first console in the 90's. Some good times were had for sure.

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I suppose for a time, the chorizo slice really was a star

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I was pretty shore it would turn out like that.

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Yeah huge mistake, just look at what's happened to all the other countries that did!


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Thank you for the support, fellow human.

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I'm so excited to see what happens in the remainder of the decade with this. I've been 100% on board the Tony Seba hype train since I saw the report on what it would take to have a fully renewable solar, wind and battery grid and the implications of that. It seems like we're actually on track for this to become a reality.


I thought this was a nice 10 minute recap of what the replication layer stuff is, the plans we know about from way back and where we're at now.

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