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Is there a case where it actually hasn't led to enshitification?

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Set a character limit. Easy. A maximum reasonable length considering the attention span and efficiency of an employee to grasp such information if required should do the job

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First part was a tiny little bit inspired by killbot's last ufo, the rest is some ammalgamation of bad ideas from the past, alcohol and extensive nefs because I'm bad at this game

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Long story short, there is a song by Suzie Rose called "Don't Rush (remix)", which is available at most platforms, but I found at this page what appears to be the original version (which explains the remix label in the other one).

However, the original song is nowere to be found, when I try to shazam it, it just returns the remix, it doesn't appear at youtube, spotify nor as a result of any search engine (at least not ddg and google)

Yet, the song that can be listened at from the page I shared sounds 100% like an official record, not any kind of bootleg, and this other site also suggests its existence.

TL;DR: Suzie Rose has a song called "Don't Rush (remix)", where's the original besides here?

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Well, I definitely need to get some sleep right now, read sex and dead loved ones too close and my mind skipped a word... That was not fun to think of.

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I submitted my sign-up request to dbzer0 like two months ago already, I don't know if it's been accepted already, but I'm reasonably assuming it hasn't since:

  1. I haven't received any notification/email regarding it.

  2. I can't login yet.

What puts me in doubt is precisely the fact that I haven't received any email, whether it is a rejection or admittance, and that when I try to log in, clicking the button doesn't spit any message, it just shows a quick load animation and doesn't do anything else.

I can't submit another request with my current email because it already appears as registered. What can I do?

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2² x 23

Prime factoring is the way

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Hi deep! I'm Joshua.

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Or if you don't want to give reddit any traffic, here's a couple more you can check:



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The ability to direct-message others without matching.

So basically your privacy only goes as far as how much other people are willing to pay

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So yeah, og Cutey Honey from the 70s-to-80s-ish has been in my list for a while, and recently I came across its op theme, which I thought was pretty good and got me interested in picking it up later, but I found there are quite a few entries:

Shin Cutey Honey: A sequel according to myanimelist, aired around 1994

Cutey Honey F: An alternative version aired in 1997

Re:Cutey Honey: Another alternative version aired in 2004

Cutey Honey Flash Movie: heh

Of course for now I want to start with the og series, but I'm interested in picking up each of these entries, so, what order do you suggest me to do so?

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I think axiom should fit, but according to its official definition, an axiom is a statement that is taken to be true, and as far as I know, a word can't make an statement by its own.

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355/113 is the best fractional approximation of pi with less than 5 digits on both numerator and denominator, with 6 decimal digits of precision. It is constructed by taking the sequence of the first 3 odd numbers, each repeated exactly once, as such: "113355", then splitting the resulting string in halves, taking the first half as denominator, and the second as numerator.

A 4-set venn diagram can't be constructed with circles because it wouldn't show exclusive intersections between opposed sets.

A talks to B, B talks to C; A is married, C is not married. Therefore, a married person is talking to a non-married person.

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Can't talk for everyone, but for the case of rplace, I'd say propaganda.

I know of people who still use reddit as they always do, and its likely because they don't know reddit's latest (and terrible) corporate decisions, so using rplace to spread a message that tells people something is wrong with reddit is the first step for these people to find the right path: leaving reddit.

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“fuck u/spez” means absolutely nothing to anyone who isn’t familiar with Reddit, it’s just noise.

And "Fire Steve Huffman means absolutely nothing to anyone who doesn't know reddit CEO's name.

I'll go for an easier one: Fuck reddit, join lemmy. Easy and clear, and I'm not sure reddit would get any better with its CEO fired, they'll likely find someone similar.

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And which of them are a better alternative than subscribing to a specific community here at lemmy.world?

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Many people don't know who spez (or Steve Huffman for that matter) is, a more general text should work: Fuck Reddit.

I'm actually surprised the fuck spez messages have lasted long since admins probably have access to brushes to clear it up like it was paint.

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I mean, do people actually use the search feature for anything besides looking for files IN your system?

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