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https://www.cherry-world.com/mx-ulp-click These are the ones used, I think currently only Cherry produces any like these.

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I'm not sure but it seems the CHERRY KW X ULP is as slim or slimmer, while it uses mechanical scissor switches instead of classical mechanical ones they are still mechanical.

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That's a great idea! It can be a movie tie-in game!

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Mostly just ignore it, and claim every death of any vaccinated person is because of the vaccine and then just repeat gish galloping through the usual talking points, in my experience. Beliefs that are not grounded in reality can not really be changed by reality not matching up with them, I guess.

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The name is supposed to be read as Xperia 1 Mark V etc. so it's still not great and they should just have letters for their Lines instead of having two numbers back to back but it helps if you want to make sense of it.

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Shouldn't the genie have a null pointer exception immediately?

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I feel this is not more likely to work in german than in english. It's certainly not a common phrase.

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It doesn't feel that long ago...

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Exactly, this argument is so weird, even if the assumption was true. "People are naturally greedy so we should have a system that allows them to do as much damage as possible"

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This is a fundamental misunderstanding of what socialism and capitalism are. Simplified it's who owns the means of production, that is basically the "capital" in the name "capitalism", in socialism these means of production have a shared ownership. Now you can have a discussion of what that means, if state ownership counts or whatever but as long as individuals own the means of production it's not socialism no matter how much you tax them(it would still be an improvement to tax them more it's just not socialism)

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There is a setting for Xbox Controllers to use two of them like it's the same one called Copilot.

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I remember reading that they actually tested something like this when developing the Xbox One Controller.

Edit: Found an article about it: https://www.polygon.com/2013/11/19/5121136/microsofts-100-million-xbox-one-controller-protoype-danced-with-smell

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