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Yamada's First Time. lol I don't like ecchi, but I got into romance anime last summer and this one was just so funny, sex positive, and oddly sweet at times. It's def kinda ecchi though.

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No thanks, I'll wait for a Steam or GOG release.

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This is a huge shame. Both of these projects were exceptional preservation efforts.

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Like I know there's twilight menu, but I like that you can basically hold start and boot right into the GBA games. I wonder if there is a similar barebones approach to playing DS games?

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Like I know there's twilight menu, but I like that you can basically hold start and boot right into the GBA games. I wonder if there is a similar barebones approach to playing DS games?

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Like I know there's twilight menu, but I like that you can basically hold start and boot right into the GBA games. I wonder if there is a similar barebones approach to playing DS games?

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Satisfactory, Valheim, The Riftbreaker, and Necesse are favorites of mine that I come back to a lot

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So they turned off the servers to resell the same game they were already selling?

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What's the difference between this and the ones that are already on Steam? It doesn't seem like it's remastered or anything.

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They could stop wasting money on buying exclusivity. That would be the biggest improvement of all.

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PLEASE. FFS, exclusivity is BS and we need to move away from it.

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Agreed. The game looks pretty sick, but I hope you can get some like cool armor for the main character or something.

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Dantotsu, hands down, imo. Great UI, lots of extensions and configurability but simple to use.

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Please. For the love of god. Mega Man Legends 3.

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For sure. I'm looking forward to playing Spider-Man 2 in a couple years. 😅

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Can anyone recommend me an anime? I recently watched "My Love Story!!" and it was so good. Yes, it was cheesy and overdramatic, but that was part of the charm. I loved how sweet and wholesome it was, and I really loved the characters. I also found it really funny.

It doesn't have to be a romance anime, though I am totally up for that as I have gotten into some romances this year (I also liked Yamada's First Time, which normally ecchi stuff isn't my thing, but it wasn't terribly gratuitous, it was sex-positive, and I got pretty hooked into the story and found it hilarious, too).

Just looking for something similarly touching, wholesome, funny, and fun to watch with likable characters, like "My Love Story!!"

Any thoughts? :)


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I use it in my normal Firefox setup, but I've been playing with Mullvad browser and I've kept everything to the defaults so I have a good option when I want a little more anonymity without needing the nuclear option (Tor) for sensitive-ish-but-really-not-all-that-sensitive browsing.

I'd like to add Redirector into the mix, and my inclination is that it shouldn't affect the fingerprint because everything is handled clientside from start to finish with that add-on, and the redirect is handled before the browser even connects to the redirected site. With that said, I'm honestly not 100% sure if simply adding an extension of any kind would be enough to change the fingerprint and cause me to lose out on some of that sweet, sweet herd anonymity.

Anyone know the answer to this that can fill me in? I would appreciate it. :)

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Hi! I have some newb-ish questions, and I was hoping some Fedora veterans could help me out.

I have been using the KDE spin of Fedora since 36, and I love it. I distro-hopped for years, but I have not had any interest since landing on Fedora. I have been using the KDE spin because I love KDE. I love how lightweight yet feature-rich and customizable it is. It can really be anything I need it to be, and it's amazing.

With that said, there are two recent happenings that have made me question whether I should switch to the original GNOME version:

  1. I've been having some minor issues lately with F39, like audio not working after I reboot, so I had to eeventuakly remove it altogether and use pipewire, which has been working better. Nothing big, but minor issues like that. I've heard that the GNOME version performs better and is more stable/has less bugs, but idk if there's any truth to it?

  2. I have an Nvidia GPU. Wayland support is pretty bad for me, and I've been relying on X11 all this time. Recently, it was confirmed that Fedora will be dropping X11 support altogether in F40. I'm wondering if anyone out there has used both KDE and Gnome with an Nvidia GPU that can tell me if there's any difference in Wayland performance?

I kinda don't want to switch to GNOME, because I love KDE, but if it will make my experience better, then I think it's probably worth a shot.

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I've been watching Gal & Dino, and idk if I like it yet or not, but I really like the juxtaposition of a more silly, western style cartoon dinosaur that lives with an anime girl. lol

Are there other animes that combine different art styles for comedic effect that are good?

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I searched around, but the only thing I could find is that they've had an open issue on their issue tracker for like 6 or 7 years requesting an AppImage release, but they didn't comment on it or respond to it.

I've seen a lot of people online mentioning they would like it, and there's even someone who made unofficial AppImage builds for a short time (but then they stopped after a couple of releases).

Is there a technical reason why they won't? It seems like most big emulators offer AppImage for portable setups these days, so I'm just curious.

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I have been messing with Sonkun's CRT shaders in RetroArch, and they're amazing. I'm trying to maximize them, and I'm curious--for PSX, will nearest-neighbor or bilinear filtering give a more accurate presentation with CRT shaders?


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I've got a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 running stock Android 13 and I've paired a real Wiimote via Bluetooth and confirmed that it is connected. In Dolphin (ver 5.0-19870), I've set my Wii input to "Real WiiMote" and I've plugged in a USB sensor bar.

I can navigate dolphin with the Wiimote + Nunchuck (I can navigate the game select menu with the joystick on the nunchuck or the D-pad and launch a game with the A button), but for some reason, none of the input works in-game. The B button will open and close the in-game Dolphin menu and the Home button will minimize the Dolphin app and take me back to my launcher, but that's it. I can't interact at all otherwise.

It doesn't give me any options to configure the Wiimote's controls, unless I'm emulating a Wiimote. With the "Real Wiimote" option, I can't seem to configure anything.

Does anyone know what the problem might be or how I can fix it?

Thank you!

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Gentlemen, it is with great displeasure that I must inform you that we're doing it wrong.

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For some strange reason, I'm having an issue seeing comments on my own threads. I get notifications indicating that I got a comment, but when I go to view it, it says "no comments."

If I copy the post link, logout, then navigate to the thread, I can then see the comments under the thread.

I have no idea why this would be the case. Is anyone else having this issue?

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