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Same. I love watching people play games like Amnesia or the SCP ones, but I could never play them myself.

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I can't see any gif, using Boost.

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Are you intoxicated?

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  1. Boost has a certain app version. You can install the latest or find some older APK version to install, but older versions will only support a certain range of server versions.
  2. The Lemmy instance you register with and use will be running a particular server version. There is nothing you can do about this, it's up to the instance admins, but most instances are going to stay relatively up to date because lagging too far behind could cause federation/interoperability issues.

So even if making a new account on another instance running an older version works, it will only work for some period of time until that instance updates.

I'm not sure what bug you're experiencing exactly, but it sounds like it could be either server side or app side. Either way, just sit tight and wait for a fix to be published.

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I'm honestly surprised they made 10,000 sales.

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You're probably thinking of Isaiah Mustafa

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People decide who to hire for what roles and who to lay off. People form unions and people bust unions. The shareholders are people, and the decisions made in their interests are made by other people.

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When was the last time you saw a corporation making decisions and taking actions of its own accord, without people?

Maybe they will start to, now, as people delegate their responsibilities to "AI"

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AI on its own isn't a threat, but people (mis)using and misrepresenting AI are. That isn't a problem unique to AI but there sure are a lot of people doing dumb and bad things with AI right now.

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You can check the release notes to be sure, but generally you can just perform the update and move on with life. Backing up your data is always a smart precaution.

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It's also slang for hot people

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"We" haven't moved anywhere, I just chimed in for the first time with my interpretation of what the other person was talking about. Jeez.

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