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Everything hip-hop, R&B and Future Beats! The latest mixtapes, videos, news, and anything else hip-hop/R&B/Future Beats related from your favorite artists


1. Use proper title formatDo not make up post tags. New releases should be tagged [FRESH], [FRESH ALBUM] (or MIXTAPE) or [FRESH VIDEO] only. [FRESH] tags should only be applied to official music & music videos, not leaks, interviews, articles, art, live footage, etc. [SHOTS FIRED] should only be used for legitimate beef, not jokes or competition among artists.

Song posts must follow the 'Artist - Title (Description)' format with 80 character or less descriptions. Hashtagged keywords & emojis in titles are not allowed.

Post Tags:


2. Sopuli Instance RulesIn addition to our community rules, please abide by the rules of our instance host, Sopuli:

  • Remember the human! (no harassment, threats, etc.)
  • No racism or other discrimination
  • No Nazis, QAnon or similar whackos and no endorsement of them
  • No porn
  • No ads or spam
  • No content against Finnish law

Recommendations for Posting

These aren't rules, just some recommendations to make things easier for visitors.

  1. When posting a FRESH ALBUM, use a service like Songwhip to generate a page with links to all streaming services.

  2. Use YouTube when posting Music Videos

  3. Use YouTube or Songwhip when posting individual tracks

The idea here is to make stuff posted here widely accessible to anyone visiting.

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