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Question does what it says on the tin. I'm not sure how that particular balancing act works.

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Welcome to Ask Politics, the community for civics-minded questions!



This is a community for asking questions on political topics. Want to know what the details of a bill are? Want to know the nature of a political appointment? Want to know the repercussions of a Supreme Court decision? This is the place for it!

But it is not a community to ask loaded questions for the specific purpose of triggering an argument.

For that reason, all posts to this community must be formatted as a question, without smuggling in any assertions.

DO post questions like, "What are the repercussions of X Senate bill?"

DO NOT post "questions" like, "This Senate bill will eat my dog and punch my baby. Here's a question mark to make it into a question?"

Feel free to include links to things like the texts of bills or clarifying statements in the body of your post, but don't just post links. And this is not a community for political news. There are plenty of those already.


To make it easier to search and filter the community, please tag your questions with the country code they're applicable to, e.g.: [US] / [UK] / [CA]. Yes, that means this community is intended to be international.

If the question applies to a specific jurisdiction, you can specify that as well, e.g.: [US][NY]

A well-formatted question could look like this: "[US] How is the Supreme Court likely to rule on X case?"


And that's basically it! Hopefully, this can become a fun and informative community.

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