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But we have our freedom.

Freedom to work at a selection of under paying, exploitative places that will take from you every ounce of effort, strength, and time, so that you can "earn" a living... Because nobody is going to give you a living; you're not worth anything unless you work and earn your life.

Freedom to choose from a number of ways to live, how to travel from place to place, either by buying an overpriced automobile, and paying for every interaction any professional repair person has with it... Or you can choose to pay to ride transit, where you have to conform to their schedule and if you're late, you're left behind... And you get to pay for the privilege. Or you could, IDK, walk? But wait, it's MILES away from your home, because it's in a commercial zone and you live in a residential zone. We couldn't possibly mix commercial and residential. Tsk tsk. That's just not okay.

You can also choose to buy food at the grocery store where the lowest prices are not in the shareholders best interest, so we'll do everything we can to convince you that you're getting the best deals by offering lower prices on your food, as the quality slips away, and products are shrunken down to the point where it's almost not worth buying it anymore.

But because you have been given a choice, you are "free" and not a slave. Clearly.

..... Late stage capitalism is just slavery with extra steps. They're making the slaves figure their own shit out, rather than give them food and a place to sleep.... Just, here's your barter (pay) for today, go figure out where to sleep and what to eat on your own fucking time.

[-] [email protected] 2 points 2 months ago

Best explanation I've heard yet. Every time I try to counter everyone I always get Capitalizm=/=Slavery and it's like just because it's not racist doesn't mean it's not doing more damage to hard workers and slavery was never racist just because a short history recently was. Capitalizm=Slavery doesn't really say how bad capitalizm is and that's not denoting how horrible slavery is.

[-] [email protected] 1 points 2 months ago

As far as I can tell, the only significant benefit that modern "slaves of capitalism" (if you will), have is that, compared to actual slaves, we can't be beaten, sold, or outright murdered on a whim.

The physical abuses are no longer allowed.

Mental and emotional abuse is fine though, as long as it's filtered through a thin coat of "corpo-speak" so that HR can rubber stamp it.

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You're missing starvation, homeless, oh and, the fact that police do all that shit you deny being done....

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