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Professionals will say that AI can't replace coding because they'll never be able to replace the human element of critical thinking and interpreting client needs. I say AI will replace coding because CEOs are dipshits.

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This is why there is a fundamental difference between coding and engineering, even though that line has gotten pretty blurry recently. AI will absolutely replace coding. It's already doing so. It will be a bigger lift to actually replace human engineers doing domain specific R&D work. The AIs will just become another tool in that workflow, like calculators or CAD software.

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It actually hasn't. IDK which sector you're working in, but ChatGPT has been useless in the overwhelming majority of cases for me.

Hallucinating functions that don't exist, generating broken shit... And I gave it a fair shot. I could use a docs synthesizer right now. But it feels like even that is too advanced for the current tech.

The other use case I can foresee for it is as a fancy static analyzer. But the tech is not there yet. I guess we'll have to rely on formally proven stuff for at least a bit more.

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