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[-] Doof 3 points 3 months ago

Calling anyone who does this stuff a sociopath is such a simplistic way to view things. You know beside the fact a sociopath isn’t an official diagnosis. It’s a fallacy to call everyone of these people mentally ill, sure it’s easier to otherize people rather than accepting some of these pieces of shit of sound mind. It’s hard to believe people can be capable of these things without something mentally wrong with them.

[-] mods_are_assholes 1 points 3 months ago

Not really, and it used to be a diagnosis. This is not a formal academic setting and I am not talking exclusively to mental health professionals.

There is study after study showing that people who rate high on the Hare scale, who the layman would call sociopath/psychopath are SIGNIFICANTLY overrepresented per-capita in positions of highest power such as politician, or some flavor of executive officer.


Other studies have shown that sociopaths are very effective at acquiring power, but are TERRIBLE at using that power to forward the company's goals, because they are raging narcissists.


I'm not exactly sure why you are defending the mentally ill power brokers that are turning our world to shit, you may want to re-examine your values.

But you probably won't.

[-] Doof 0 points 3 months ago

There isn’t study after study saying that, hell the one study that people point to have been pulled apart. I don’t like calling every asshole a mentally ill person, it has nothing to do with defending pieces of shit CEOs. Spreading bad research is also a problem. This idea of speaking up when people throw around terms Willy nilly is me defending the behaviour or the people is ridiculous. This little gotcha at the end is also pathetic. “Reexamine” my ass.

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