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That's 5x the recommended max single dose, and 2.5x the recommended max daily dose (obviously depends from person to person and on body weight). I don't think it would be lethal, but the symptoms would still suck - racing heart, shaking hands, quite often psychological symptoms like anxiety/panic... The worst part of caffeine OD is that it gets metabolized super slowly (half life 1.5-9.5 hours), so after 10 hours you might still experience those symptoms, and there's simply nothing you can do. Speaking from experience here, although it was less than 1000mg. If this story is true (which it very well might be) I feel for OP.

[–] [email protected] 33 points 9 months ago (1 children)

As someone who's consumed that much caffeine in far too short a period, you pretty much nailed it. It's not a fun time.

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Also done this. Do not recommend.

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So it seems like the demographic of Lemmy user has a non-insignificant crossover of people who've overdosed on caffeine before. Its the worst, I was high as hell when I did it. I thought I was going to die

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I felt like shit and had a splitting headache, never took caffeine pills again.

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If this ever does unfortunately happen to anyone in this thread, please drink lots of water and try to stay calm. Have someone watch over you.

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I’m trying to remember how many, but when I was 19 I worked at Starbucks and wanted to see how many shots I could handle in a day. I had a rare 8 hour shift and my memory wants to say it was 23 shots, but I’m really skeptical about that number since my memory during those years I pretty foggy due to some serious depression. I’m positive it was in the teens at least though.

To say that day sucked is an understatement.