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We're making it out here, give us the views and do the Tube things if you'd be so kind!

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Hi all, I am looking for a starter tablet to show tabs, and in the future potentially musical notation.

As a starter into i am looking for ideas on what sort of tablet. Is 10" big enough? and what are some good apps for it?

My preference is Android, but if all else fails, an iPad could work.


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I love this channel. These guys show off the amazing talents of various drummers.

Not sure if it should be marked NSFW due to minor swearing.

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Song a week community (self.wearethemusicmakers)
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I’m pimping another community that focuses on writing songwriting, I hope that is okay. I created https://lemmy.world/c/songaweek which is modeled after the reddit sub songaweek.

Every Thursday a new theme is posted. We all spend the next week writing a new song. By Thursday we have our song as done as we can get it and then we post it here for everyone to hear. We then will give feedback on the song, no negative critiques please. These songs were written, recorded and mixed in 7 days. We want to encourage song writing. Your song does not need to use the provided theme, write about about whatever you want. The provided theme is just to get you started.

This weeks theme is the chord progression i-VII-VI-V. I’d love to see all of you there. https://lemmy.world/post/1884588

Gantz Graf - Autechre (www.youtube.com)
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