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These directories can help you find a great therapist. You may want to filter by your particular problem or the approach you want your therapist to use. Many of these directories also allow you to filter by therapist's identity.

Please add others in comments, and I will add them to the post.

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Would be nice to connect with fellow EMDR therapists on Lemmy. I was trained in 2021 and am close to being certified. Love talking about EMDR and parts work!

I can also invite you to a free online learning community where a bunch of us connect for advice, networking, talks, and book clubs.

Zoom? (lemmy.world)
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For those who don't know, he is a twitch streamer/youtuber that talks a lot about mental health, specifically for gamers and people in the internet generation.

In some videos, he does "therapy sessions" (technically they are not for legal purposes, but they definitely feel like therapy) with various people in the twitch/youtube sphere. I am really interested to hear the perspective of different therapists regarding his content.

Are his interactions with people similar to what you see in real therapy sessions? Most importantly, would it be worthwhile studying how he conducts these sessions and learning from them?

Thanks for any insights!

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I was thinking about this today, and would love some kind of feedback from practicing therapists. How do you avoid burnout?

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Hi all. I am from the United States, and I understand that insurance most likely will not cover hypnotherapy. Being that it'll be out of pocket, and fairly expensive, I wanted to see if anybody here had any positives or negatives with respect to using hypnotherapy. My main goal with this type of therapy would be to address my focus and memory with regard to my ADHD. Thank you!

This is a test (lemdro.id)
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  1. Notice what you are experiencing. Find the best-fitting name for it on THE FEELINGS WHEEL.

  2. Focus on the bodily sensations and keep repeating to yourself slowly: “I’m feeling X, I’m feeling X, I’m feeling X.”

  3. The goal is not to completely eliminate the emotion, but to make it manageable.

Very Affordable Therapy (openpathcollective.org)
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This link is posted in the therapist directories thread, but I wanted to make a separate post about it because of how great it seems. From there website, it says:

After a 1 time membership fee of $65, you’ll pay between $40-70/session for individual therapy ($30 for student intern sessions.) Online and in-person sessions are available.

That's more than half the price of the average rate where I live. I wish I had known about this a few years ago when I started going.

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Hello and thank you for creating this community!

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I just watched this session and thought it was incredible. The girlfriend tries to accommodate and blame herself for their problems, and the boyfriend feels stagnant because the relationship isn't challenging him to grow.

Welcome/Intro (self.therapy)
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Hello! I wanted to create a place where people can come to share experiences and ask any questions they would like about therapy in general.

My background - I am a MFT student, and I want to have a place to discuss the things I am learning.


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