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As the title of the post says. The manual says you should let the car warm up, turn it off and wait 5 minutes before checking the oil. I’ve also seen people say that there’s no difference between that and just checking when it’s cold. Which one is it? Asking because I just bought an 8 and I might need to add some oil.

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I'll start by saying the ad caught my eye for the wheels. I have a nicely running 2011 GT with ugly aftermarket wheels and I prefer the OEM look. I unfortunately can't find S2/Mazdaspeed 3 wheels in my area in decent shape without driving to the next state.

It's cosmetically rough with 92k miles, the interior isn't the best, paint is toast, driver side door handle is broken. Not counting the paint I could make the interior better and fix the door for $200-ish. Some of the paint might come back with polish but the clear is coming up.

When I first talked to them, I asked about the wheels, even offering to trade the wheels with wheels I had plus cash, but they want the car gone. They immediately dropped the price from $1400 to $900 without prompting them for a lower price so I think there is room to go lower.

I could only get out of them that the engine lost compression, but no real details. It's an S1 so it could just be bad coils/plugs/starter/flooded. I need more details on what happened to make them think compression loss.

If I did keep it and get it running again it would be a decent auto cross car to get started with or use for practice doing engine and body repair.


  • I get another RX8 to drive and my wife could drive it too being AT
  • I get to put the wheels on to my S2
  • S1 parts are easier to find than S2
  • It might be an easy fix
  • Could potentially flip for a profit


  • Finding room for it would mean I lose most of my shop space
  • If the coolant seals are toast, I don't have an engine hoist or stand for a rebuild
  • It could become a parts cannon project if it was never taken care of
  • Rebuild Cost
  • Unknowns as I haven't seen it in person
  • I don't have a trailer+winch to make moving it around easy
  • My driveway has a sharp incline so backing a trailer in isn't the best on the truck's transmission

If I just take the wheels and call a car haul away company they would give me less than $400 for a non-running RX8 and I feel bad for sending an Anniversary car off to be broken/scrapped.

Mazda RX8

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