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I prefer to wait until after new games are released so that I can read reviews and allow developers to patch their games properly. In my experience, games tend to improve over time with more bug fixes, added story content, and discounts.

I enjoy casual games that don't require me to constantly try hard or compete with players who have more time to dedicate to gaming.

Do you have any recommendations for a casual game that would be suitable for a patient gamer like myself?

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I'm actually really glad that I waited until the deluxe edition was only $12.50 before I bought this game. I loaded it up and tried playing it on the settings that the game suggested and it was like playing the game in slow motion. Even once I set all of the graphics settings to the absolute lowest settings I could possibly find, for some reason in this game there is no "low setting," medium seems to be the lowest graphicals setting possible.

I'm happy that I have a game that I can play once I have an actual gaming machine, but it seems that almost all AAA games aren't capable of running on a laptop that has both 32GB of RAM, and a 4 TB SDD.

Why is it that years old games cannot play on maxed out hardware for the time?

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Nothing really catching my eye so far. Do you have any recommendations or know any hidden gems?

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