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I first got introduced to Monero by Mental Outlaw's videos by around late 2022. I actually first mined monero before having owned any (which is a weird flex but ok) and I must say the lack of overpowered ASICS encouraged me greatly to try to start mining. I would hate mining bitcoin on my old laptops because it's futile against machines literally built and engineered to optimize mining. I knew I'd have a fair shot at making some pennies mining monero. And my only real competition are botnets. In the end I got around 50 cents worth of monero through mining!

Although, I would love to figure out a way to make mining more profitable. Has anyone figured out a way for beginners to optimize hash rate for XMR? I have also heard about merge-mining.

As far as using and obtaining monero, I bought Monero through Kraken. Don't use the regular kraken site, because they'll charge you higher (i believe it's like 2%) fees. Go instead to, pro.kraken.com. The interface looks a lot more complicated. Figure it out and make a market order, you'll get significantly lower fees (at around 0.5%). Or maybe even better, make a limit order, set the price you want to buy monero at like 2-3 dollars cheaper, and take advantage of monero's volatility RNG :) Monero was bullish for the past couple days, though, so i was like fuck it i'll make a market order i don't care gimme my freedom cash. Also, it takes 1-2 days to withdraw your monero from kraken. Also,


privacy wise, i think multiple small withdrawals gives you plausible deniability that you were just transacting with monero, and not holding it all, for tax reasons. Besides, you SHOULD only ever transact with monero from your non-custodial wallet (aka, from your wallet app) to ensure you are getting the privacy benefits of monero. Transacting with monero from Kraken is stupid, since they can just associate the transaction address you gave them (if your bakery advertises "pay at " then if kraken sees a transaction they know you're paying the crypto bakery). So, get your freedom cash earlier rather than later ^_^. Also, make a new receive address and sending your kraken monero through that

(As an alternative to the adage buy low, sell high,) Buy monero when monero is low, transact with monero when monero is high. Seriously. I bought so much cool shit with this currency. Lemme list them to you.

  1. Anonymous ukraine phone number through https://stealths.net/ which you access through a proton mail account which they provide provide for you (change the passwords on those things)

  2. Amazon delivery from https://monezon.com

  3. Domain name from https://njal.la/

  4. Monero hoodie from based.win [still haven't received it]

I've also became an executor from Monezon. It's kinda fun to handle people's amazon orders and you get some non-kyc monero.

Overall, 10/10 community. Love this vision of a more free internet, and, eventually, free world.

Showerhoughts and Ideology (lemmy.dbzer0.com)
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Am stoned af might delete later

Who are we?

I'm not having an existential panic attack i promise. It's more so a question about our identity as a group who enjoy transacting with monero. Who are we?

I find it so confusing that we latch on to preexisting ideologies. Are we libertarian? I tend to have some libertarian beliefs, namely we have given the government too much power and capabilities for surveillance, but libertarians also tend to be right-wingers and probably won't entertain the idea of socialism, which i am extremely enthusiastic about (i say we let Marx cook a little bit up here in the USA). Are we anarcho-capitalists? Or anarcho-communists? What's our stance on politics?

We are at the center of politics. We're literally out here with the balls to create an alternate currency under the nose of the empire. Try doing that in Ancient Rome 117AD. And, we're powerful. We can literally send each other money, from afar, within minutes, with negligible transaction fees. No other society has ever had that power in history, and we're spread out and decentralized, which means each and every one of us can be a locus of change, a locus of power. Because money is power.

We're not a black market because we don't exclusively deal with narcotics (although some do i admit). We're a parallel economy. We've made monero truly perfect for that usecase. And we're a parallel economy that transacts in the most resistant coin in humankind.

So, from a parallel economy rises a parallel society, and a parallel society often leads to a parallel government. Unless we figure out a way to coordinate a fuckload of people and enforce laws in a decentralized way, a government's the next best idea.

We're not bitcoin. We don't have the privilege of being first. The players of the bitcoin lottery already won and skyrocketed to tremendous wealth as society became savvy to the idea of decentralized currency. What do we have? Most of us do have the privilege of knowing how to communicate anonymously, and doing so as a group protects us from the prying eyes of the government, which is inherently hostile to the concept of a dual-government and a dual-economy. We have brave (and shady) darknet market admins who accept payments in monero, and their clearnet counterparts who deal in legit business, like ShopinBit, monezon, based.win, etc.

So, we have currency. We have people, too, that hold this currency. We have an economy around this currency. And people and businesses that are willing to accept this currency for services or goods. What country am i describing? Oh wait, we're spread out all over the world. See what we're missing? Let's either start a government, or figure out a way to coordinate people in a decentralized way.

Now, I'm not claiming that I start a constitution, although if you asked me to and nominate me i would. I wanted to start a general conversation as who we are as a community and what we're trying to accomplish, or maybe how we can better coordinate as a society that can transact with each other. I personally have some ideas I can share, some ranging from charity to funding direct action, but that's another post.

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This is an insignia to place on your website to build confidence with Monero buyers and businesses who want to develop a self-sustaining economy.

Businesses that use the MECP graphic:

🟠 Pledge to only use the profits of their Monero sales to purchase other products or services with Monero.

🟠 Pledge not to use exchanges to convert their Monero into a fiat currency.

🟠 Pledge to seek out and transact with other MCEP businesses where possible.

I'm currently creating a list of businesses that want to join this pledge. You can apply here: https://moneromaster.substack.com/p/mcep

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Only half-joking. Your website spins at 100% cpu on my machine (firefox). Unfortunately it's one big fistulated mass of minified javascript so, not really debuggable.

sigh i miss the days when the web wasn't an app-delivery mechanism.

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A new version of XMRPC - the alternative Monero CLI has been tagged.


  • Portrait-view for mobile and narrow terminals
  • Read wallet password from PGP-encrypted file
  • Auto-save wallet data
  • Auto-select Tor node

As will be held commonplace with XMRPC, every important aspect is tweakable through environment variables.

By default, it does what it can to get new users set (using maximum privacy available). As they advance, they may employ options to confine XMRPC to select preferences.

For more details refer to the documentation or download the new version 0.2.0-beta directly:

If you haven't previously cloned XMRPC

git clone --branch v0.2.0-beta \

If you are working with an existing clone

git fetch origin tag v0.2.0-beta
git checkout tags/v0.2.0-beta

Your feedback and questions are welcome!

You may also be curious about the initial announcement.

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Some in the Monero groups here are not Libertarian, and are more interested in privacy/tech in general. That’s fine. But Macro level politics are important to Monero... Because Reto/Haveno is a response to those politics.

The Libertarian Convention went down and there were some developments, including picking a nominee and Trump speaking. There are big political impacts of Trump talking at LP because he is being forced to be more pro-crypto and anti-CBDC to try to sway Libertarian voters. The fact that a mainstream candidate is even showing up to the table is big. “Free Ross” signs went up directly in front of the conservative cameras like Right Side Broadcasting, and Trump did make concessions on Ross

Now is Trump actually pure? No. Is the LP nominee pure? Actually, No.
An ideological battle went down, and here’s what came out of it: https://rebelnet.me/news/0xcfca11d5fe4eb61788

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Hi. We had to make internal investigations about MajesticBank and we found a lot of funny things from a service insulting all ecosystem actors.

  • MajesticBank told to people in 2022 that he would release an "AtomicSwap gateway" which he never did.

  • MajesticBank has gone dark on dread without explications and some people on dread are saying they got scammed (source)

  • MajesticBank has selective scammed some of his customers during a downtime in 2023 (source)

  • MajesticBank is owing months salary from two of his team members (snitchy & notmtth), he also tried to fail salary paydays and making his team starving during weeks.

  • MajesticBank scammed people in his giveaway (liking a post without paying people). Source

  • MajesticBank is calling other service of "honeypots" when his whole service is using an illegal ddos protection service who's probably wiretapped by FSB.

  • MajesticBank has stolen co-ownership of intercambio from snitchy (he gave it ownership to him and ordered OrangeFren to revert SSH accesses to steal back the service).

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Hi everyone!

I developed an alias service for Monero, which works with most Monero wallets. With OpenAlias standard, you can convert your long wallet address to human readable addresses. If you want to test it, type [email protected] as recipient in your favorite wallet!

It's automated, that means your alias will be activated right after payment. Service price is 0.05 XMR for 6+ character aliases, it's one time payment. I will also share a coupon code, so you can get 30% discount.

Website: https://xmr.ist/

Coupon code: ISTMAY30

Apart from OpenAlias functionality, I'm working on different features for subdomain. Right now you can redirect subdomain to your website, in the future you will be able to use it as link list. (like Linktree)

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share so I can improve the website. Thank you!

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In this tutorial we're going to cover how to buy Monero, for cash by mail on the Haveno Decentralised Exchange. This was the most popular payment method back on LocalMonero, due to being an improvement over bank transfers (like SEPA in the EU) when it comes to trading larger volumes in the long run, as Cash cannot easily be traced by adversaries unlike bank transfers, making Cash by Mail one of the most private ways to exchange real world money for Monero.


Let me know if there's anything i missed in that tutorial :)

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I just saw them on kycnot.me, and gave them another try, not bad at all, it's been what, 2 years they've been around? It seems like the OGs stick around. Another XMR ramp is always welcome.

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How do I properly expose a BTCPay Monero node on Tor?

Is it sufficient to bind the hidden service to the container's IP and set the port to 18089, or are there additional considerations I need to be aware of?


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I've gathered a few insights from my experience in the Monero community over the years:

  • Nobody cares until there’s pressure.
  • Price always matters, but freedom more.
  • Scammers are everywhere like cookies on clearnet.
  • Everyone points fingers, but only a few take action.
  • Genuine donations exist and are growing stronger every day.
  • Privacy is crucial because it is a necessary pillar of freedom.
  • If you don't host, you're giving away your data.
  • OPSEC is everything in a controlled digital age.
  • It's better to avoid going mainstream; the underground will prevail and set future trends.
  • It's OK to use drugs and/or own guns.
  • It's OK to be misunderstood and to ask questions—far better than remaining ignorant.
  • It's OK to change our mind when necessary. Perhaps, always.
  • We are in a silent war about our freedom and we are warriors, not soldiers.
  • Bitcoin is what Monero really is.

Feel free to add anything if you'd like. It's just a reminder about what makes us antifragile.

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I bought a delicious pizza with 0.11 XMR ($14.91) to celebrate this day. For that, I used a Cake Pay gift card, which uses a BTCPay implementation.

Video demonstrating the experience on 𝕏. https://x.com/vinibarbosabr/status/1793353374517092676

While I spent 0.145 XMR ($19.88, or R$100) on the gift card, the Pizza Hut cost me R$74.90 (~0.11 XMR). Thus, I have some available funds left for other stuff.

The gift card purchasing experience took approximately 10 minutes. It was the first time I used Cake Pay, and it was a great experience overall. Really smooth and cost-efficient. I definitely recommend trying it.

My initial plan was to use Trocador (who talked to Cake to enable iFood on my request, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!), however, as a new implementation, the gift card wasn't available there yet.

I promise I'll try your services next and share it in appreciation.

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In this tutorial we're going to cover an instant SEPA transfer (which is a bank transfer) transaction for monero, this is one of the most popular payment options in the EU region. Instant SEPA was a personal favorite of mine back on the now defunct Localmonero, mainly due to the speed of the transanction, the only requirement being that the other peer has a bank account that supports instant SEPA transfers.


check it out ;)

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I've been involved in crypto trading for about 10 years, and I'm looking for a genuine and valuable community (excluding Reddit) where I can discuss trading, crypto, and prices from both a technical and fundamental perspective.

I'm particularly interested in a space where not everyone insists on pricing everything in USD or BTC and where there's a strong interest in more trading pairs with XMR.

Privacy, self-custody, money -> Freedom.

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Step-by-step guide using Vigenère Polyalphabetic Ciphers to encrypt your Mnemonic Seed and prepare it for steganography.

Hi folks,

As of April 2024, the UK police and National Crime Agency were granted new powers to confiscate and destroy cryptocurrency assets, passwords, or hardware wallets without making an arrest:

Police will no longer be required to make an arrest before seizing crypto from a suspect … items that could be used to give information to help an investigation, such as written passwords or memory sticks, can be seized

Whether this will be used to tackle legitimate crime or as an arbitrary blanket procedure to prosecute law-abiding individuals who are concerned about financial privacy is yet to be seen.

What remains is a need for extra precautions to safeguard your Monero.

This is one system that I’ve used and that I want to share with the community.


🔗 https://moneromaster.substack.com/p/monero-guide-encrypt-seed

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Is there currently a way to get Haveno-Reto running on Tails? I have not tried running the standard Linux build yet, because it's likely to be a waste of time. Usually running an app on Tails requires a unique build because of the unique way Tails's Persistent function works, even though it's Debian-based.

If Haveno-Reto does not support Tails yet, it would be much appreciated and great for all-round privacy if someone could create a functioning build in the future. Doing so myself is sadly above my capabilities. Tails already supports Feather, so Haveno would be a great addition, especially now since localmonero is down.

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In recent days, we had been hovering right around 35 to 40,000 transactions per day, and just in a very short amount of time, it's went from that level up to 53,000. I am not aware of any major purchasing holidays, such as Christmas or back to school, that might cause a bump in transactions like this, so I'm wondering if it might be the beginning of a low-grade spam attack.

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We have been waiting for this for really long time. Monero DEX, unstoppable, exchange which will provide everyday people a way to get their Monero.

We're delighted to present you Private, Decentralized, Monero Exchange

By the community, for the community !

Haveno DEX Exchange is going live !!!

https://haveno.sc DDOS-Guard https://haveno.me Cloudflare

haveno.at (coming soon) haveno.bz (coming soon)

haveno.im (coming soon) haveno.app (coming soon) haveno.site (coming soon)

I am sure everyone have few main questions so let's get to it.

Q) What's the fees?

A) It will be 2% total fees, maybe maker, maybe taker more or less, but that's total.

Q) 2%? Are you people insane? Why would anyone pay such high fee?

A) This is very complex project and needs some serious finance and incentive to be runned properly.

Yes, some people may claim they run it with 0.5% fee and later you get scammed with binaries or by arbitrators.

Quality things just cost money.

Q) So on what you will spend such money?

A) As long standing community members, its our honor and duty to keep the flame that stewards put upon us.

We got full ready DEX code, and it's not okay to keep all the profits for us.

50% of fees will go the team running the network, arbitrators (1%)

50% of fees will be split between Legacy fees and Haveno Fund (most likely bigger part) (1%)

View key of the HavenoFund is below so community could track incoming payments.

Secret view key: 73a87199119d34f932762352c32b533317a8f87b1c47dc767f02c80f01d74a07 Address: 484x2eDvXrfNCm7AtZ8Pb9Xfy8hoEuwHQTCTDREs1WpvTzfTdzPvcZK5u7sHpgtgcZY8xDMHo8tHtW5GJYBenmrkAnFQoaN Restore height: 3155235 Wallet name: HavenoFund

havenofund.org (coming soon) havenofund.com (coming soon)

As soon as any trade complete on Haveno and fees go to main address, system will send split profits to MainFund, HavenoFund and LegacyFees.

Legacy fees will be determined in near future.

Our github profile:


Telegram group:


PGP key:






An update will be posted when binaries are ready and network is up

In the future HavenoFund will be multi-signature wallet -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----

iQIzBAEBCAAdFiEEhPM4TLT1wAntHQKFqrV5C9b47VgFAmZQZq4ACgkQqrV5C9b4 7Vi9uRAAmIvUi7DJuMgt/Ma1gNFWlDWMuRRVnEG1eHSWr8mIizfm1TR5GKGn/Ykx MvSu5r91idvnOwsCnpDjUSkoTPR7OhDLyh6EdrgJO5txStqJw+o/F/nDess6dlkw 2bqzBZVyctlMxSxaXrH4Q1l6/mnzYI8CLqzH/nTclIhpz6WmaJIOLa5NPDM726Yp XuofZGzfqAfEDznSW21n76+iacrJYv7gksa/b27zL3YFyyFbiPPuxgGdX7g+h3tH CcGDNijfdcH8OJE3B2MoQCZNOdFqXwQfg4GrmcQfHk2EeJ0cDcyJdVqY2MQoC7hS 5c2P+TyMXG1ufukNuE+JmrdoeV0WzIGHXPTmNfLxyYRMqOJUk1eFA7c2PP4axq71 psm48PzIRSocPAD008xCF8GWOY+8kEYbT1sGjRMj8aJUiOtGQuj+MRLqQw9NyYjd liNq4NApYNzmNP8xTwOh9B+F1oZyAGRA7piOq2loVrY2Cs7HLGn/85xXxiMD7V6m UVJNCtQRKbbZVbYZbtoquRQQzXT6rnbaTshX1V/XoOd4JLw1PLwRxfxlwjo+v/mm kRZqPtmJEoF5lgbRNC1L1Q45M1lUJHEBZpvW2rLJ8oY3lR4XC9/8Mbm8tqXDJXiC juAepPcW+bX3R4ZbLdXO/DCHdO/ZLzCJFR3O9ZFI7nLzS1xmxlI= =8I2m -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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Gauging interest in making a community (here on monero.town) where sellers would be able to post their seller profiles, including:

  • a min/max amount of xmr they have for sale
  • any payment methods, currencies, or coins they accept
  • communication methods they accept
  • links to accounts on other sites with feedback, and any verification they choose to include

No escrow (unless buyer/seller want to arrange it). Buyers could post reviews on the seller threads.

It would allow buyers and sellers to have a place to find each other, along with all the information they need to make successful trades with established sellers. Buyers and sellers could complete transactions any way they see fit.

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