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Honestly kiwi is a pretty good name for a dog

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Not exactly an archive, but there are a ton included in NsCDE https://github.com/NsCDE/NsCDE/tree/master/data/backdrops

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You should see the UVA area, it's a big university next to incredibly rural areas so it has both nearby

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I really like my oneplus 9, after owning samsung, motorola, and sony devices it's definitely my favorite by far

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Rivians do look kind of nice but I'm not willing to support any company with an exclusive charging network because that's just such a stupid awful thing to make and I don't know why anyone accepts it. I don't think people would accept like a Honda exclusive gas station so I don't know why people do it with EVs.

(Actually it looks like rivian will open their network to other vehicles later this year which is good, I still think it's stupid they ever made it exclusive in the first place but if they actually open it that's reasonable)

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I had been wondering about that too so I looked it up and apparently it's just what discover displays whenever there's an update that doesn't change the version number which is things like rebuilds with a newer compiler. Very confusing wording, I feel like just "update of version [version]" would be less confusing

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Again, I genuinely don't care that the joke is insensitive, it might offend some people but it comes off more as just uneducated than mean. But none of that is my point, I am offended that this crime against comedy is being compared to "humor". I've ready funnier things than this in warranty documents. This is the kind of joke an edgy 14 year old makes and probably even they don't think it's funny.

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My problem isn't that it's offensive, my problem is that it isn't even remotely funny, there's barely a joke. I mean it is pretty insensitive as well but that wasn't my point

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ha ha so true and super duper funny because gender = genitals ha ha get it it's funny because misgendering ha ha funny ha funny so epic joke with laugh and funny inside this is really the peak of humor

/s obviously

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That's unfortunate, I really liked sailfish os and I would have considered buying the full version at some point for android app support but I'm definitely never doing that if it's a subscription. I'm so sick of being stuck with android

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I've always thought GUIs felt more like doing things by hand and CLIs felt more like having the computer do it for you. Like if you want to do some complicated task that requires multiple programs and lots of menus using a GUI, it's easy the first time, but once you need to do it a second time you have to do it all over again by hand. But if you do it from the command line, while it might be harder the first time, subsequent times are zero effort because you can just run the exact same commands again from your history or combine them into one or a script to make it even easier.

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