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it'd be easier to brush your teeth if you didn't have any teeth

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because we are a stupid, prudish, and vain country. we don't want people to enjoy jerking off too much, nor do we want to reverse the trend of mutilation, which would make the old guard feel like they're the broken ones

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it's kind of a stretch, yeah, but it just feels so gross, in that same way a yacht or plane does, seeing tiktok vids of someone laboriously crafting this gorgeous, perfect meal for one (1) fucking middle-CEO-partner-twat and his family. if you make enough to afford something like that, get fucked, you definitely don't work hard enough to deserve it.

it's probably a way easier shift for the chef than a restaurant dinner rush, which is great, but it's just...such an obscenity to think some have access to this sort of luxury because they shook the right hands at the business office / were born into generational wealth.

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i can't believe i'm saying this, but i'm finding myself enjoying facebook more. the UI and design feels vintage early 2010s, the choice of reactions is nice vs just liking or upvoting something, you can sort the replies by chronology / recent / best instead of being forced to read blue-check morons, there's an incredible depth of content, hobby groups, local interests, etc that simply couldn't exist on twitter. it feels more like a forum.

it does also suck, of course, but it sucks in a slightly less grating way than reddit and twitter.

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companies never do anything wrong, obviously. they're too smart and careful

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private planes, yachts, private chefs, etc seem like such an obscene amount of luxury it shouldn't be allowed somehow. public services would be better if the wealthy were forced to use them, then they might actually care about the constant shittifying of everything

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that's horrible. with burns that severe it's the most cruel to stop in the middle and make him live thru the pain and recovery period and bills

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i miss reading quality cracked articles on rss. there isn't really any article-length comedy anymore anywhere is there. it's all dry stuff or deranged opinions

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also the government regulates all job postings to not be (as) malignant and evil. you just upload your resume and go thru the available options and you pick one and then you go work there and if you fuck around they can kick your ass or something (but social etiquette dictates you should behave in good faith (because they all know how much the old way sucked))

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i have an appt i'm nervous about and then i was thinking about these passages I read:

But it seems to me that emotion and its expression are almost the same thing. Let us take your cat: now suppose we shave her tail, so that it cannot shall I say perscopate or bristle; suppose we attach a board to her back, so that it cannot arch; suppose we then exhibit a displeasing sight – a sportive dog, for instance. Now, she cannot express her emotions fully: Quaere: will she feel them fully? She will feel them, to be sure, since we have suppressed only the grossest manifestations; but will she feel them fully? Is not the arch, the bottle-brush, an integral part and not merely a potent reinforcement – though it is that too?

...and you have no doubt taken notice of the impassive faces of the captured men? It is always so, I believe? And does it not seem to you that this suppression, this denial of the outward signs, and as I believe reinforcers if not actually ingredients of the distress – does it not seem to you that this stoical appearance of indifference in fact diminishes the pain?

this is insane i cannot believe it worked so well. like, almost instantly i felt the vibrations go down

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it loves getting a rut of suggesting the lamest 20 things it can possibly think of. mood board! gardening! volunteering! it's a fucking supercomputer and that's all it can do??

it can't even suggest jerking off or taking a bath or smoking weed or opening a window for fresh air. just this fucking mindless dopey bullshit

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why do people think it's okay to do this shit? if you're coding facial recognition for a vending machine, that's like 80 steps too far down the capitalism ladder

if you took this machine back to the 1920s and told people what it was doing, they'd shoot at it. and probably you

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we have an overly militarized police force and many literally can't miss work to fight lol

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almost you shouldn't place cheeky little bets on if a company will succeed or not. bet on sports like a normal person. shareholders ruin every single company

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why is everyone making decisions in tech completely fucking bereft of sense

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i saw someone on twitter saying to "leverage your network" i'd sooner leverage a shotgun into my mouth jesus fucking christ

plus all this is meant to be done at a time when you're likely at your lowest confidence, most insecure, and most desperate.

just the idea that it's my job to sell myself to these sorts of business goons who ENJOY seeing people desperate and on edge is so sick. i have nothing to sell, i am not a commodity, i am a human being. and everything's ran thru some shitty AI now i'm sure. like the applications weren't demeaning enough.

can't we all just be assigned jobs by the government? it'd build social cohesion. like the hunger games. maybe you can opt out but I'd rather take my chances than answer these fucking personality tests or get so hopeless i'm actually applying for something with hours I hate with a miserable commute with a terrible wage which ALSO won't hire me

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i know i know enshififiasdition yeah yeah

but .... it's been so long, it brings a tear to me eye.... what made the old internet so captivating?

check out this graph as well: https://twitter.com/hexprax/status/1758656167893688556

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why did the app do me like that with the spacing

doesn't double texting signify you're anxious and overbearing?

edit lol this is for a music thing

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"Even though we're pushing through pricing, the consumer is tolerating it well," he said in October analyst call.

normal way to talk about 'fellow' human beings

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man cannot live on memes and news alone. there is a void here. news stories breed reasoned discussion, generally filled with stringent, on topic remarks. memes breed tepid remarks, a step above twitter blue check replies, but little worth reading.

what we need is rants. schizophrenic analysis of an old tv show. schizophrenic analysis of taylor swift's private jet schedule. takes. banter. self-posts, text-posts, and OC content in general.

only about 10% of people in any given community contribute. that means 90% of you are stifling your need to post with other, healthier methods. but i implore: to post is the way. posting is light. posting will bring you a better life, posting will heal your children, grant you a healthy crop, and secure your place in the grand hum of modern discourse

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The general consensus in that thread is that, while the Vision Pro can play "flat" porn videos on sites like PornHub, there is currently not an easy way to play 180 degree side-by-side videos on the Vision Pro, which is how most commercial VR porn is filmed.

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