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It is actual compatible hardware though. And the opl chips etc are no longer made.

For myself emulation and FPGA are fine. But for speed running or any other number of things, actual hardware are important.

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This is actual hardware. Yes simple arm cores can pretty faithfully emulate much of this. But that's emulation. These are bespoke devices, built from actual old chips. Offering a level of comparability and predictability emulation can't always achieve. It isn't for everyone.

Adrian Black ended up with a non functioning unit sent to him by a viewer that bought one. The seller rather than pay for postage for the broken one to be sent back to China just told them to keep it and sent them a replacement instead. Adrian ends up troubleshooting and fixing it but you can get a pretty good look at everything going on inside and some of the old chips involved.

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Since when has AIPAC == Democrats? They fund Zionists regardless of party affiliation.

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Initially no. It is important to note that their statehood happened just as a the civil war was. And that post Civil War language was put in place to clarify that this was not an option going forward. Though I am not a lawyer myself. I've seen a number of lawyers actually versed in the topic discussing this.

Believe me I would love it if our state spanning metropolitan area could secede from the red States it's located in. Because we really don't get representation at the state level. That's reserved for fascists. But it's not an option that's on the table.

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While I'm sure many of them would like to stay in the union and continue to Leach off everyone else's resources. Constitutionally they can't. So it's ultimately the same thing as texas. Who only believe they have the ability to do so on a technicality they don't actually have.

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That could just be down to the author and their aptitude. Lot of people writing field guides aren't exactly scientifically minded or trained. Because fungus really are kind of anti plants in many ways. It's sort of like the distinction between fruits and vegetable for tomatoes. For most people tomatoes have always been and will always be vegetables. Despite having long been classified scientifically as a fruit. And pineapples are berries.

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There's no tension. They can leave but they can't take everything with them. And even what they can take they can only do it for so long before they run out of places to run to.

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Check again. Rural California has been gnashing their teeth trying to secede like crazy for years now. Wanting very badly to join the white supremacist in Idaho and Eastern Oregon. There's a lot of russian-backed astro Turf in it. But there is a real sentiment among the uneducated bigots.

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I went to college in the '90s. Fungi being classified as plants is new to me. Though perhaps it is part of some Mandela effect or misremembering on my part. But it is inarguable that we've learned tons more over the last 20 to 30 years about them.

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That would be more along the lines of what's the difference between Joy Division and new order. One dead body. Rip Ian.

Or what's a Goth's default mode? Depeche.

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All those dark entries. Must be growing in them thar hollow hills. Best go tell telegram sam, because nobody wants to kick in the eye.

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Or if you're someone who uses speech to text on your phone. Nearly every system that I've ever used asterisks out everything after the first letter. It can be a lot of extra effort to go back and fill the fucks in. But if there's one fucking thing worth doing fucking right. Fucking filling out those fat fucking fucks is fucking it. It's one of the most fucking versatile words on the planet. It can be a fucking adjective, one of the most versatile verbs no matter what fucked up tense you choose, and even a motherfucking noun.


A fresh single and video off their upcoming third album Pendulum. I can't recommend this Duo from Texas enough. Their previous albums have been extremely solid for me.


The greatest show unearthed returns with a brand new single perfectly timed for the season. But who are we kidding. Every day is Halloween.


The third single off the Seattle Duos debut release. I'm definitely enjoying their sound so far be sure to check out the rest of their content on Bandcamp.


A fresh video Single off his upcoming 2024 sophomore release Delusions of Grandeur.

NEW SINGLE: I Guess by Never Knows Best (neverknowsbestmusic.bandcamp.com)
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Cameron Dunbar formed Never Knows Best out of the ashes of his previous solo project, The Blinking Lights. Inspired by classic acts such as: Joy Division, The Cure, and Depeche Mode, as well as modern outfits like Chvrches, and Cold Cave, Dunbar set out to reimagine his sound with an eclectic mix of synthesizers, electronic drum beats, and distorted guitars.


Ruebi Walter, Hamburg fixture who with his brother Reinhold both with connections to iconic post-punk band Pink Turns Blue. Just dropped a brand new video for his track Closer.


A fresh new music video release on YouTube for the KVB's remix of An Idea Of Guilt. Be sure to check both there and Hello Pity's back catalog on bandcamp.


Actually this came out on the fourth. But I'd like this album even if for nothing more than the cover art. Dropping acid and hanging out with muppets. #lifegoals

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Oi seems someone was a cheeky boy. And put it up live too early. The page is gone for the moment. But should be back Friday. Definitely a good punk vibe on this debut album be sure to check it out.


Quick boost of 12XU. And Groschi's synopsis up on his music blog. Be sure to check him out and follow on mastodon. And check out some of the other content he posts.


From the upcoming album "Everything is Alive" set to come out September 1st. Preorder here if you are so inclined.


Nice new video From Portland's Princess Ugly. With a dark heavy goth vibe. Lots more to find and listen to up on their BandCamp page.

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