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Coming from Windows 10 (I switched 6 months ago), I find the task switcher animation in KDE extremely obnoxious, as I expect it to pop up instantly.

Still, I enjoy the other animations in KDE, so I don't want to turn off all the animations in the global settings.

I searched for a solution but all the relevant posts were on the now defunct KDE subreddit which I cannot view.

Is there any way to turn off just the fade in/fade out animation?

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I (sort of) found the solution:

I found that I could read the reddit post by going to Google's cached version of the site:

And the Redditor u/Zren had a fix:


Not sure where the GUI option is. Edit: Ah it's "Show selected window".

   kwriteconfig5 --file="$HOME/.config/kwinrc" --group="TabBox" --key="HighlightWindows" "false"

qdbus org.kde.KWin /KWin reconfigure

Added the command my DelayTime=0 tip: https://zren.github.io/kde/#show-alt-tab-popup-as-fast-as-possible

But this still doesn't turn off the "popup" animation, just the background fade in animation.

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