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"new" == ~3 years old (but looking to move from alpha to beta in 2024 IIRC). It's a good server!

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That's not what the story is here - this is an additional fund raising entity to support the independence of the platform. The post is very clear that Mastodon (the project) remains a European organisation

However, it’s also important for us that Mastodon is one of the few, if not the only social media platform that operates out of the EU, and we would like to keep it that way.

Mastodon forms new U.S. non-profit (
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Way cooler than the one I built a few months ago, but I didn't reuse parts of a Prusa! 😮


Hey all - Johannes Ernst and I are going to get the Fedidevs meetups going again, starting next Thursday March 7.

Main topic: FediTest early show-and-tell and ask for feedback. More details:

Have topics for future meetups? Bring them on!

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Sounds like a plan.

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I think forcing all posts to be opted-in to the search, and depending on users to opt-out, would be far more controversial? Either way, the user does get to control this within the platform.

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There's also a really nice deep dive into the updates here.


Lots of small improvements across the user experience, and opt-in search, make this an important release.


Lots of small improvements across the user experience, and opt-in search, make this an important release.

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I wrote a blog post about using Postmarks and contributing to the project

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At the moment it is explicitly designed as a single-user implementation, although I'm sure it could be pivoted to become multiuser. I've simply set up my own on Glitch and it is working great! ->

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For what platform?

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I do not know if it is on the Fedora roadmap, but I can recommend taking a listen to the most recent episode of Linux Matters, where the three hosts talked a lot about backup strategies, and also mentioned GUIs.

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I've been enjoying the first couple of episodes of Strange Planet on Apple TV. I wasn't sure they could translate a comic strip into something that runs 20(ish) minutes, but it has had me laughing a lot.

Oh, and listening to Messy, the new album from Cindy Alexander. She did a super intimate (audience of 3, me being one of them) livecast the other night, it was really nice.

Also: they remastered the Lush albums? I'll have to check that out.

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Printed an 8 year old hacked Kinect 3D scan of myself, now I finally have a printer to do it!


I assume the community is using the Open Source Hardware Logo as it looks technical?

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I'd love to have TOTP support, any plan to move up to 0.18?


I’ve been working with the Mastodon project on developer relations, and started out by updating the list of known API libraries. I’d love to know what the developer community wants and needs and how I can best support them.

Note: my scope is the Mastodon API and materials around it, rather than Mastodon itself as an end-user product.


I saw this company at the TCT 3Sixty trade show at the NEC in Birmingham, UK last week - but did not get a chance to talk to them directly. I’ve since not really been able to find any reviews or write-ups of the machines. It looks like it came out of a Kickstarter last year? Does anyone have any real world usage to point me to?

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