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Is max tokens different from context size?

No. Same thing. If you hover over the question mark by "Max Tokens" in the Kobold AI Web UI:

"Max number of tokens of context to submit to the AI for sampling. Make sure this is higher than Amount to Generate. Higher values increase VRAM/RAM usage."

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My experience has been that current UPSes tend to give a pretty limited runtime, more-limited than you might think, and are surprisingly-expensive for the capacity that they do provide.

The reason one historically really wanted a home UPS wasn't necessarily to run a machine through a power outage, but to provide time to save any work and shut that machine down. We used to use filesystems that could become corrupt if they weren't brought down cleanly. You could maybe run a machine for minutes, not many hours.

So it was important to warn (and maybe auto-shut down). UPSes are good at that. You have beeping alarms, software to auto-shut-down a machine cleanly when the battery gets low if someone isn't around, software to notify a single attached computer about the battery level.

But with the combination of filesystems that don't do that plus software that auto-saves, that's less critical. What I think most people want is just more runtime, having a shot at making it through short power losses.

I think that today, if I wanted to provide longer-running resistance to power outages, I'd probably look at one of two things:

  • For a device or two, "power stations". These sometimes get called "solar generators", despite not generating anything, because manufacturers are marketing them as an alternative to gasoline/diesel generators for power outages. All-in-one box with batteries, charge controller, and inverter in one little case. This kind of thing. They won't beep to warn you that the power is out, and they won't have software (or interface) to tell a computer to automatically shut down.

  • For larger capacity, a "grid tie solar system". These tend to be extensible, with separate 12V (or 24V or 48V) batteries or the like and separate boxes for the battery charge controller and inverter. You don't actually need to hook any solar panels or other power sources up to it (though, hey, maybe you decide that you want to do so), as the battery charge controller will charge the batteries from the grid as long as the grid is providing power. You can select a size for and replace the batteries and inverter and charge controller separately, and you aren't constrained to use a single vendor for all the components.

I would look to see that the inverter in question provides "pure sine" output. Some inexpensive inverters provide a square wave, and some devices don't much like this.

EDIT: Ah, just saw your new comment:

Power outages are usually very short (few seconds max).

You may not care about keeping the system running through longer outages, then, unless you're also worried about longer ones.

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I don't care that much. And I don't need to care that much, because of the nature of the system.

The Threadiverse is a federated system. There isn't one community. There isn't one instance. There isn't just one single software package backing it. There's a marketplace of communities out there, and they compete.

If you don't like how community A is being run, then head over to community B. If you don't like how instance A is being run, then head over to instance B. Over time, I expect people to head where things are working well, and away from where they aren't.

I'm not personally really enthusiastic about, say, lemmygrad as an instance. But...I don't need to run around getting upset about how things are being done there, because I can just avoid it.

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South Korea is low, but I'm sure it's not that low.




South Korea has the world’s lowest fertility rate, which indicates the average number of children a woman will have in her lifetime. It recorded a rate of just 0.72 in 2023

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but its too hot and too humid

Depends on where you are. A fair bit of coastal California has a Mediterranian climate -- dry, warm summers. Somewhere like Arizona will get too hot for me, but it won't be wet either. Coastal Alaska never manages to get all that warm.


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Hmm. I didn't think I liked summer that much either, but you're making a pretty compelling speech there.

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That may have a lot to do with the fact that he's a politician in Ohio and Ohio is in the Rust Belt.

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nevermind, just realised you can type in the token amount

tries it

Yeah. There's a slider, and if you enter a number outside its acceptable range, it'll be red, but it'll still permit using the number. Worked with Amount to Generate = 1024 and Max Tokens (which also needs to be increased) set to 2048 in a quick test.

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High resolution will tend to hit the GPU and not the CPU. If your existing CPU is working fine for you, I'd probably leave it as-is.

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So the other night I logged into the somehow-still-going EverQuest (albeit in somewhat dubious free-to-play form) and sighed. It was the wrong account details. I forgot I had two accounts. The one I needed, the one with thousands of hours of gameplay tied to it, was lost to a now-closed email account and my inability to remember what the password had been.

It's fitting, I think. Out of all the battles in EverQuest that I conquered, this is one I can't win. It's probably for the best.


Might still be able to recover the account. Apparently there's also a manual process.


Have you just returned to EverQuest after some time? Has it been so long that you have completely forgotten your login info, email, or perhaps even your own name?

We may be able to help.

Automated Account Recovery

You can use the automated system to recover your account if you have:

  • Access to the email address on the account

  • The answer to your secret question

If you do have these, follow the steps on this help page under "Recover My Account."

Manual Account Recovery

If you do not have access to your email and secret answer, you will need to contact our support team for assistance. Before you do, locate as much of this information as you can:

Daybreak username*

Email address on account*

Answer to secret question

name on credit card

last 4 of credit card

*You will need to provide either the Daybreak username or email address used on the account in order for customer service to locate your account.

Defunct wiki (lemmy.today)
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Chezzo ran a wiki that was used by the game for some time at:


A lot of useful information, like about martial arts and such, is on there. Unfortunately, that domain apparently went down about two months ago.

A (fairly-recent) copy of the wiki, archived in late March 2024, can apparently be viewed at:


It looks like archive.org also dumped a several-months-older copy of the site, from August 2023, with MediaWiki-scraper:


I'd guess that this is sufficient to bring the Wiki back to life if someone with a MediaWiki setup wants to do so.

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The president must decide if his candidates should drop out and back the left to stop the far right winning power in France.


I can think of a handful of games that, despite being games that I've enjoyed, never really became part of a "genre". Do you have any like this, and if so, which?

Are they games that you'd like to see another entrant to the genre to? Would you recommend the original game as one to keep playing?


Russia converted a captured Ukrainian tank into a remote controlled vehicle that uses a similar FPV control concept as many kamikaze drones.


Tens of thousands of male convicts have been freed to fight in Ukraine. It is not clear if a small contingent of female volunteers released from a prison portends wider use of female soldiers.

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